Tray Embedded / Integration Manager / Introduction


Integration Manager is designed to enable sales and service people to rapidly build custom integrations for customers. It is best for services teams that want to maximize time-to-value without engineering effort by building custom integrations as a service offering.


Integration Manager is a scaled-down version of Embedded Native. That means, all of the Tray documentation for embedded native, including the building patterns and functionality, applies to the Integration Manager.

The primary difference between Embedded Native and Integration Manager is who creates the solution instances for the end users.

In Embedded Native, You will build solutions that end users can consume. The end users are then presented with a configuration wizard where they provide their credentials and any relevant configuration variables to set up the solution instances.

In Integration Manager, You will still build the solutions but instead of end users going through a config wizard, you will manually provide their End user's credentials and configuration variables to set up solution instances for End users.

IM vs Native

Criteria Integration Manager Embedded Native
Time to market Quick as you don't need engineering efforts to go live Requires building a backend using Embedded APIs to allow self service for end users
Scalable No, (because you manually onboard end users and manage instances) Yes, as end users configure their own instances

Integration manager would be suitable for your needs if you want to create one solution for n number of end users but currently lack engineering/development resources to embed the configuration wizard experience (which involves building a full-stack marketplace application using Embedded APIs).

You also need to work directly with your end users so you can capture their auth credentials required for instances.

If Scalability is an issue, You can switch to Embedded Native. Your engineering overhead would be negligible if you decide to use Tray's ready-to-use marketplace app where you can give your end users the freedom to configure their instances and thus reducing manual work on your part. You can customize the marketplace app to suit your branding.

Note: Embedded Native has a different pricing option and you can only use the Tray's marketplace app as a Native customer. Please contact your Account manager for switching.

Please contact us, and our consultants will help you decide on the right Tray offering for you.


Integration Manager is the perfect offering for you if you:

  • Know your max scale ahead of time. 

  • Lack of readily available engineering resources

  • Need to realize the value (go live) in the immediate future

  • Are not concerned with a white-labeled / seamless onboarding experience

  • Have direct access to your end users' credentials

  • Need to share integrations in your organization i.e. several employees need their own instances of an integration