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Table of required token types

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Below is a table which acts as a reference for what type of token is required for what query or mutation:

Query / mutationNameRef PageRequired token typeNotes
mutationcreateExternalUserCreate UserMaster
mutationauthorizeCreate User TokenMasterReturns user access token
mutationgenerateAuthorizationCodeCreate Config Wizard Authorization CodeMasterReturns one-time code to activate Config Wizard
mutationcreateUserAuthenticationCreate User AuthenticationUser
queryusersQuery UserMaster
mutationremoveExternalUserDelete UserMaster
queryviewer.solutionsList SolutionsMaster
mutationcreateSolutionInstanceCreate Solution InstanceUserReturns solutionInstance id needed to activate Config Wizard
mutationupdateSolutionInstanceUpdate Solution InstanceUserUsed to enable a Solution Instance
mutationupgradeSolutionInstanceUpgrade Solution InstanceUserUsed to upgrade a Solution Instance when a new version of a Solution requires new config and it is not desirable to use the Config Wizard
mutationremoveSolutionInstanceRemoving a Solution InstanceUser
queryviewer.solutionInstancesList Solution InstancesMaster / UserMaster token can be used to filter by userid
User token will return Instances only for that user
queryviewer.authenticationsList AuthenticationsUser
mutationremoveAuthenticationDelete AuthenticationsMaster