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Table of required token types

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Below is a table which acts as a reference for what type of token is required for what query or mutation:

Query / mutation Name Ref Page Required token type Notes
mutation createExternalUser Create User Master
mutation authorize Create User Token Master Returns user access token
mutation generateAuthorizationCode Create Config Wizard Authorization Code Master Returns one-time code to activate Config Wizard
mutation createUserAuthentication Create User Authentication User
query users Query User Master
mutation removeExternalUser Delete User Master
query listSolutions List Solutions Master
mutation createSolutionInstance Create Solution Instance User Returns solutionInstance id needed to activate Config Wizard
mutation updateSolutionInstance Update Solution Instance User Used to enable a Solution Instance
mutation upgradeSolutionInstance Upgrade Solution Instance User Used to upgrade a Solution Instance when a new version of a Solution requires new config and it is not desirable to use the Config Wizard
mutation removeSolutionInstance Removing a Solution Instance User
query listSolutionInstances List Solution Instances Master / User Master token can be used to filter by user ID. User token will return Instances only for that user
query listAuthentications List Authentications User
mutation removeAuthentication Delete Authentications Master