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API docs (Postman)

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The Tray Embedded online API documentation can be found at

This is presented in the traditional Postman format with the ability to generate sample scripts in your chosen language.

It is also possible click 'Run in Postman' to import and run the collection in your local Postman app.

However we strongly recommend that you use our Insomnia HTTP Client collection as a local testing environment, which allows you to very quickly run queries and mutations on your live data, before inspecting the results.

Insomnia has several advantages over Postman as a local GraphQL client, including auto-import of the Embedded schema (which allows auto-complete of available fields and input criteria), easy navigation, dynamically updated user tokens, and the use of GraphQL 'fragments' to quickly test queries with different criteria.

You can also use the GraphQL playground as a basic online testing environment, but its presentation and functionality is very limited in comparison with Insomnia.