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Create a Demo Solution


This tutorial will talk you through setting up a super simple solution with Slack.

For this you will need admin access to a Slack workspace. You can sign up for free at

What we will be achieving here is:

  1. The workflow will be triggered by a new channel being created in Slack
  2. The trigger will result in a message being sent to your email address, notifying you that a new Slack channel has been created
  3. Configuration options (email subject, message content) will be made available to the end user who will be setting it up for their own use
  4. Once the solution is configured it will be available to use in our Demo app, where you can setup a test end user to configure their own version of the solution

Build the workflow in Tray

  1. In your Tray partner dashboard, create a new workflow and choose the Slack trigger:


  2. In the step editor, you will then need to create a 'new authentication' to log Tray into your Slack account:

  3. Set the Operation to 'On Slack event' and the Event to 'Channel created':


  4. Add a 'Send Email' helper as the next step in the workflow. Then set yourself as the recipient and add $.config.slack-subject and $.config.slack-message to the Subject and Content boxes (make sure you change the field type to JSONPATH):


    At this point, please take the time to read the Note on Config Data for some important information on managing shared Config Data at a Project level

  5. To set the slack message Config Data, click on the settings wheel in the top left of the screen, next to the name of the workflow:


    Enter some default values for the above slack-subject and slack-message variables. These can then be used in your workflow (as in step 4), and can be made available for end users to configure for their own needs when they are using the Configuration Wizard.

Create a Project and add the Workflow

Return to your dashboard, click on 'Create New Project' and name it something like 'Slack new channel notifications'. In the 'Worklows' step add the workflow you have just created:


In the final screen you will see the Config Data fields you entered above.

Create and Publish a Solution

  1. From your Projects page you can now click on the menu for that project and choose 'Make Solution':


  2. Call it something like 'Slack new channel notifications'. Then you can use the drag'n'drop interface to configure and preview the Configuration Wizard which the End User will see when they are activating the Solution as their own Solution Instance:


  3. Finally, from your Solutions page, publish the solution:


Your solution will now be available for registered users in the demo app to activate it as a Solution Instance, configured for their own use.

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