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Importing external data

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It is possible to push data from your own application that does not need to be visible to the end user.

For example you could pass in a user's email address or other details which might have already been recorded in your external application.

To do this you must first set a Config Key as hidden in the UI, by dragging as per the below screenshot:


From this you can pick up the External ID

This can be passed as an argument when using the createSolutionInstance API.

In the example below note that the value field is a JSON string and the " characters must be escaped with a backslash.

Also note that this mutation requires passing the User Token as a bearer (obtained after creating a user and authorizing a user):

mutation {
createSolutionInstance(input: {
solutionId: "0dc02586-xxxx-xxx-xxxx-cb98734578ef",
instanceName: "some instance name",
configValues: [{ externalId: "external_user-email-1" , value: "\\"\\"" }]
}) {
solutionInstance {

Note that the externalId of configValues is case sensitive For example if, in the UI at step 1 above, you have set the externalId as 'external_user-email-1' but then create the Solution Instance with 'external_User-Email-1' then the mutation will fail.

Note also that the External ID must begin with 'external_'.