Forcing Unique Authentications


When creating a Solution, it may be that you wish to make sure that your End Users are only allowed to use one unique authentication per Solution Instance.

In Tray Embedded it is possible to set a limitation so that an End User is forced to add a new authentication for a particular Solution Instance, and cannot choose from a list of already-made authentications.

For example if a Salesforce authentication has already been created in a different Solution Instance which utilizes Salesforce, they will not be able to choose that authentication. They will be forced to create a new one.

Turning on the Unique Auth option

This can be turned on in the Solution Editor. When setting the screens for the Configuration Wizard you can set the 'Force Unique' option:

Editing Auths

If needed, you can permit the End User to subsequently edit their unique authentication, either by running the Config Wizard again, or by following the processes outlined in mapping and editing auths