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Tray's Connectivity APIs allow you to leverage the power of Tray's service connectors, without having to make use of the Builder UI.

This gives you tremendous power to integrate powerful service operations into your own apps.

Please note this is a separate product and is not part of your Embedded subscription. This will be enabled by Tray after you initiate the purchase. Please contact us if you wish to use this.

There are three endpoints involved:

  • The Get Connectors endpoint is used to list the programmatic names and versions of the available connectors

  • The Get Connector Operations endpoint is used to list the input and output schemas, and required fields for any connectors you wish to use

  • The Call Connector endpoint is used to call operations, according to the required fields in the input schema

Before making use of the APIs, you will need:

  • A master token

  • An authId associated with the End User who will be interacting with the service via your app UI

Exactly how to carry out the two layers of this initial authentication process is explained in detail in the Authentication page in this section.

You can then continue with Using connectors and operations to learn how to put the endpoints to use.