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Zuora’s applications are designed to automate recurring billing, collections, quoting, revenue recognition, and subscription metrics


Zuora's applications automate billing, commerce, and finance operations.

Exporting documents

Tray's Zuora connector allows the creation of files from ZOQL queries. There are two steps to this process. Step 1 - Create an export request

Use the Create Export operation to run a ZOQL query and generate a file. The connector will execute the query and will output an Export ID:

"Success": true,
"Id": "2c92c0f8610dde85016122ed1cf810cd"

Step 2 - Attempt to retrieve the export

The export can take some time. More complex queries will take longer for the export to run. Use the Attempt Export operation to send a request to retrieve the file that has been exported. You will need to provide the Export ID that was returned when you sent the Create Export request.


If the export has yet to complete you will get a playload like the one below. Note that the ready field is false. You can use a Boolean Connector to check whether the export has completed yet.

"ready": false,
"file": null,
"response_data": {
"Zip": false,
"Encrypted": false,
"Query": "select * from RevenueScheduleItem",
"UpdatedDate": "2018-01-23T04:10:20.000-08:00",
"UpdatedById": "2c92c0xxxxxxxxxxxxxxe7d3f01482c",
"Status": "Processing",
"CreatedDate": "2018-01-23T04:10:20.000-08:00",
"Format": "csv",
"CreatedById": "2c92c0fxxxxxxxxxxxxx1e7d3f01482c",
"Id": "2c92c0fxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxed1cf810cd"

Once the export has completed the ready field is set to true and a URL for downloading the file is returned:

"ready": true,
"file": {
"name": "2c92c086610ddd8e016122ed25b35ad9.csv",
"url": "",
"mime_type": "text/csv",
"expires": 1516795854
"response_data": {
"Size": 422,
"Zip": false,
"Encrypted": false,
"Query": "select * from RevenueScheduleItem",
"UpdatedDate": "2018-01-23T04:10:22.000-08:00",
"UpdatedById": "2c92cxxxxxxxxxxxxx1e7d3f01482c",
"Status": "Completed",
"CreatedDate": "2018-01-23T04:10:20.000-08:00",
"Format": "csv",
"FileId": "2c92c0xxxxxxxxxxxx2ed25b35ad9",
"CreatedById": "2c92cxxxxxxxxxxxxxx11e7d3f01482c",
"Id": "2c92c0xxxxxxxxxxed1cf810cd"

Step 3 - Process the file

Use another connector to process the saved file. If you have saved the file as a CSV you can use the CSV Connector to process the results.

All Operations

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Raw HTTP request (advanced)

Perform a raw HTTP request with some pre-configuration and processing by the connector, such as authentication.

Update account

Update an account in Zuora.

Attempt Export

Attempt to export an available file by Export ID.

Create account

Create account for a new customer

Create export

Create an export using Zuora Object Query Language

Create payment

Create a new payment

Create subscription

Create a new subscription

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Delete subscription by key

Execute ZOQL query (Advanced)

Execute a query using Zuora Object Query Language

Get account

Get details of a customer's account

Get amendments

Get amendments by key or subscription ID

Get contact

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Get invoice

Get invoice by ID with invoice items

Get order

Retrieve the detailed information about a specified order.

Get payment

Get payment

Get subscription

Get subscription by key

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List amendments

List amendments

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List orders

Return information about all orders in your tenant. By default, it returns the first page of the orders.

List orders DDL

List orders by subscription number

Return the detailed information about all orders for a specified subscription. Any orders containing the changes on the specified subscription are returned.

List payments

List payments

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List product rate plan DDL

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List subscriptions

List subscriptions

Update subscription

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