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Zoho CRM is a powerful suite of apps to help you connect with your customers.


The Zoho CRM empowers businesses by enabling them to reach customers across a variety of channels, get notified of new interactions, and measure the effectiveness of such interactions.


Add the Zoho connector to your relevant workflow and hit the 'New Authentication' button found in the input panel:

In the next window, name your authentication and check the scopes that you require.

IMPORTANT!: All of the scopes that work with this particular connector begin withZohoCRM. The 'Desk' scopes are for the Zoho Desk connector and should NOT be used.

Once you have done this, click the 'Add authentication' button. A pop-up window will then appear asking you to sign in to Zoho:

You will then be asked to confirm that you want to allow to access the scopes you selected:

If you are happy with this, click 'Accept'. The pop-up window will close and you will be ready to use the Zoho connector.

PLEASE NOTE: Any authentications you created for the Zoho Desk connector can also workwith this connector, as long as the correct scopes are selected.