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Udemy is an online learning platform. It is aimed at professional adults.


The Udemy connector allows access to the affiliate API found here: The connector can list all courses, search for courses, list reviews for courses, list materials for courses and get individual course information.


To use the Udemy connector, the first step that needs to be taken is to create an Authentication. This is done by clicking on the new Authentication button found in the input panel.

This will open a new window which will give the opportunity to name the authentication as well as define your own Client ID and secret. If no Client ID or secret is provided then default values will be used.

Once ready, press next. The authentication has now been successfully created.

Example 1: Searching for a course

This example will walk through how to use the List courses to filter and search for specific courses. The first step is to drag the Udemy connector into the workflow and select the List courses operation in the operation list.

In this example, a course which provides lessons on how to write in Python will be searched for. To do so, the word 'Python' has been added to the search input field. The course should also cost money to join. To do so, the option 'Paid' has been chosen in the 'Price' dropdown list.

As well as those two criteria, the course should also provide closed captions in its videos as well as coding challenges.

Now the filters are set up, the workflow can be run. As can be seen in the screenshot below, the operation was a success and has returned 46 results.

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