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Programmable communications for messaging


By making communications a part of every software developer’s toolkit, Twilio is enabling innovators across every industry — from emerging leaders to the world’s largest organizations — to reinvent how companies engage with their customers.


When using the Twilio connector, the first thing you will need to do is go to your account page, and select the relevant workflow. Once in the workflow dashboard itself, search and drag the Twilio connector from the connectors panel (on the left hand side) onto your workflow.

With the new Twilio connector step highlighted, in the properties panel on the right, click on 'New Authentication' which is located under the 'Settings' heading.

As you can see from the image below you need to enter your api token and Account SID:

These can be found in Twilio by going to the relevant product dashboard and clicking on 'Show API credentials':

Twilio Trigger

If you wish your workflow to be kicked off by a inbound SMS in Twilio, you can use the Twilio Trigger.

This is selected when you create a new workflow:

The Twilio trigger allows you to receive notifications and trigger workflows when given events occur associated with the selected trigger operation.

Available Operations

The examples below show one or two of the available connector operations in use.

Please see the Full Operations Reference at the end of this page for details on all available operations for this connector.

Example - triggering an SMS on Salesforce status update

The following example will illustrate how you can auto-send and SMS message to an applicant based on their status being updated in Salesforce.

TRAY POTENTIAL: is extremely flexible. By design there is no fixed way of working with it - you can pull whatever data you need from other services and work with it using our core and helper connectors. This demo which follows shows only one possible way of working with and the Twilio connector. Once you've finished working through this example please see our Introduction to working with data and jsonpaths page and Data Guide for more details.

The workflow in question looks like this:

The steps followed are:

  1. The workflow is triggered by a Lead Status being updated in Salesforce

  2. The Id of the lead is used to get the lead details and status

  3. A boolean connector then checks if the status is 'Approved'

  4. If so then a Twilio connector is used to send a welcome SMS message to the applicant

Step 1 - set up the Salesforce Trigger

When choosing the Trigger for your workflow you can choose the Salesforce Trigger, set the Operation to 'On Record Field Change', Record Type to 'Lead' and Field to Watch to 'Status':

Step 2 - get the lead details and status

Then we use the id returned by the trigger to get the details of the Lead, including First Name, Lead ID, Mobile Phone and status:

It is vital to note here that we also have to set a condition such that Lead ID is equal to the id returned by the trigger, retrieved by the $[0].Id jsonpath:

JSONPATHS: For more information on what jsonpaths are and how to use jsonpaths with Tray, please see our pages on Basic data concepts and Mapping data between steps


Step 3 - check status = Approved

Then we can use a boolean connector to check if the status has been updated to Approved by pulling the status using the $.steps.salesforce-1.records[0].Status jsonpath:

Step 4 - notify applicant by SMS

Finally, if the status is approved, on the True branch we can automatically send a message to the applicant regarding their approved application.

For this step you can see that we make use of the $.steps.salesforce-1.records[0].MobilePhone jsonpath to get the applicant's number.

We can also use Interpolation to enter the applicant's name in the body of the text to be sent, using the {$.steps.salesforce-1.records[0].FirstName} jsonpath:

Further steps

To further develop this workflow you could add some extra steps to update the Lead in Salesforce - perhaos you may wish to change the status to somehting like 'Approved - notified'. See if you can work out how to do this!