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Surefire CRM is a marketing CRM designed for loan officers and mortgage professionals.


Surefire's Uploader API enables the automated upload of Loan Files & Loan Data to Surefire.


When using the Surefire connector, the first thing you will have to do is click on 'New Authentication' in the step editor:

In order to create a new authentication two keys are required. An APIKey and a ClientKey. Instructions on how to create an API key and Client Key for your account can be found here:

You can then enter your Surefire credentials to link to your account:

Note on Operations usage

The maximum file size that can be uploaded using the Upload file operation is 990MB.

Example Usage - Upload a file to your Surefire account using the File helper connector

This short example will demonstrate the Upload file operation.

  1. Create a file object using the File Helper connector. Note- A file object can also be created by other connectors available at

  2. Upload the file to the Surefire account.

1 - Create a file object

A new file object is created here using an URL.

2 - Upload a file

File object is inputted to the "Upload file" operation of the Surefire connector using the json path ready to be uploaded to the Surefire account.