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Financial services, merchant service aggregator and mobile payment service. (updated: 1657717295559)


Financial services, merchant service aggregator and mobile payment service.


Square allows users to send and receive money for free through a mobile application using Square Cash, and that lets merchants process payments via smartphone using Square Point-of-Sale.

API INFO: The Base URL used for the square connector is More information can be found on their main API documentation (vVersion 2021-01-21) site. This is where users will also be able to find the API Limitations page.

Below is an example of a way in which you could potentially use the Square connector, to get orders related to payments equal to a certain amount of money.

The steps will be as follows:

  1. Setup using a manual trigger and Square connector to list payments

  2. Loop through the list of payments

  3. Get the order related to each payment


1 - Setup Trigger & Square connector to list payments

Once you have clicked 'Create new workflow' from your main dashboard named it, select the Manual trigger from the trigger options available:


From the connectors panel on the left, add a Square connector to your workflow. Set the operation to 'List payments'.

Feel free to re-name your steps as you go along to make things clearer for yourself and other users. The operation names themselves often suffice.

You can also filter the list of payments using the available fields on the properties panel. In our example, we are going to filter out all payments that are not exactly $100. To do this we add value 100 to the 'Total' field.


Once this is setup, we are now returning all payments that are exactly $100.

2 - Loop through the list of payments

Next, search for the Loop collection connector within your connector panel, and drag it into your workflow as your next step. Set your operations to 'Loop list'.

The Loop Collection connector allows you to iterate through a list of results. In this example, we will use it to iterate through the data found within the previous Square connector step.

In order to specify the list you want to loop through, start by using the list mapping icon (found next to the list input field, within the properties panel) to generate the connector-snake.

While hovering over the 'square-1' step (with the tail end of the connector-snake), select payments from the list of output properties displayed. This will auto-populate a jsonpath within your list input field, and update the type selector to jsonpath.

For more clarification on the pathways you have available, open the [Debug panel] (/platform/troubleshooting/logs-and-debugging/) to view your step's Input and Output.

JSONPATHS: For more information on what jsonpaths are and how to use jsonpaths with, please see our Intro page and Data Guide for more details.

CONNECTOR-SNAKE: The simplest and easiest way to generate your jsonpaths is to use our feature called the Connector-snake. Please see the main page for more details.


The last step is to drag a Square connector inside of the Loop Collection step itself. Set the operation to 'Get order'. As you can see, the 'Order ID' field is required.

Again use the 'Order ID' mapping icon to generate the connector-snake, this time hover the tail over the 'loop-1' step and select order_id from the output properties.


The step is now setup and this will return each order that totalled exactly $100.

By running the workflow and going to the 'Debug' panel, you will be able to see the result. The 'Loop Collection' will result in potentially running the 'square-2' step multiple times for all the items found in the 'square-1' step.


BEST PRACTICES: Whenever you do decide to create your own workflow, please make sure you take a look at our managing data best practices guide.

All Operations

Latest version:


Get order

Retrieves details for an order.

Get payment

Retrieves details for a payment.

Get bank account

Retrieves details of a bank account.

Get customer

Retrieves details for a single customer.

Get invoice

Retrieves an invoice by ID.

Get loyalty account

Retrieves a loyalty account.

Get subscription

Retrieves details for a subscription.

List bank accounts

Returns a list of bank accounts.

List bank accounts DDL

List customer groups

Retrieves the list of customer groups of a business.

List customer groups DDL

List customers

Lists customer profiles associated with a Square account.

List customers DDL

List invoices

Retrieves a list of invoices for a given location.

List invoices DDL

List locations

Provides information of all locations of a business.

List locations DDL

List payments

Retrieves a list of payments.

Raw HTTP request (advanced)

Perform a raw HTTP request with some pre-configuration and processing by the connector, such as authentication.

Search customers

Searches the customer profiles associated with a Square account using a supported query filter.

Search invoices

Searches for invoices from a location specified in the filter.

Search loyalty accounts

Searches for loyalty accounts in a loyalty program.

Search orders

Searches all orders for one or more locations.

Search subscriptions

Searches for subscriptions.

Search team members

Returns a paginated list of TeamMember objects for a business.