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SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office



Authentication for Sharepoint is done through a simple OAuth2 login process. After clicking Add authentication, you will be taken to a login screen for sharepoint.

File handling operations

Upload File

This operation can be used to create new files, or update existing files. To upload a file, the operation needs 4 pieces of information. The first one is how to deal with conflicts. Conflicts happen when a file with that name already exists. The default option (Fail) is to fail the operation, to avoid overwriting existing file. If you dont want to overwrite the file, but still want to upload the file, the Rename option wilil rename the file in the destination, usually by appending a number to the filename. If you want to overwrite the file, you can use the Replace option.

The second input is the location of the file. This can be one of several options, such as in the root directory of a site drive, or relative to an item in a site drive, such as a folder.

The third option the file path. This path will be set relative to the location, so if you choose a site drive as the location, this file path will be relative to that.

The last input is the file itself, which can be obtained from other connectors, or helpers such as File helpers

Download file

The download file operation just takes in the location of a drive item. This can be a file in either a OneDrive drive, or a Sharepoint site drive.

All Operations

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