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An all-in-one Marketing Toolkit for digital marketing professionals


SEMrush is an online visibility management platform ensuring businesses get measurable results from online marketing


When using the SEMrush connector, the first thing you will have to do is click on 'New Authentication' in the step editor:

You will need to enter the API Key.

  • Log into your SEMrush account and click and the profile icon in the top right

  • Select Subscription info

  • Select API Units

  • Click the copy button.

You can then paste the API Key into the tray authentication page.


In this example we build a simple workflow to retrieve the SEMrush a domain overview from SEMrush.

Create a new workflow with a Manual Trigger, and add a step from the SEMrush connector, with the operation set to Get domain overview. Enter a domain, for example, You can either run the workflow immediately or specify some filters, such as Database or Page limit.

The output will be an object with a the domain overview from each database.