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Provider of digital marketing automation and analytics software and services (updated: 1657717472655)

Salesforce Marketing cloud

Unified marketing platform to know consumers, engage them, and personalize their experience across everything


Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a provider of digital marketing automation and analytics software and services


When using the Salesforce marketing cloud connector, the first thing you will have to do is click on 'New Authentication' in the step editor:


Sales force marketing cloud uses server to server (Client Credentials) for authentication.


To get the required Client ID, Client Secret and tenant specific subdomain, you will need to create a salesforce market package.

In Marketing Cloud, go to Setup -> Apps -> Installed Packages.


Click New. Give the package a name and description.


Save the package. After the package is saved, then click on it to view it. Under Components, click Add Component then select API Integration.


Select the Server-to-server integration type.


You will need to select which scopes it has, in this case it's both of Data Extensions scopes.


Once you have setup the component, the package will now look like this:


Ensure that the integration type is Server-to-server.

Now you can fill in the Client Id, Client Secret & tenant specific subdomain in the authentication. Note the tenant specific subdomain isn't the full URL, for example:

If your REST API endpoint was then your tenant specific subdomain would be mc563885gzs27c5t9-63k636ttgm

All Operations

Latest version:


Add data to data extension

Adds data to a data extension object.

Add row to data extension

Add new rows to a data extension.

Add subscriber to list

Adds a subscriber to a list.

Clear data extension

Clear data from an existing extension object.

Create data extension

Create a new data extension to import or store data. Limit your data extension external keys to 36 characters to help ensure all further processes function correctly.

Create event

Create an event.

Create event definition

Create an event definition and define an event definition key.

Create or return contact

Create or return a contact using the Contact key and Contact type provided.

Create subscriber

Creates a subscriber.

Delete data extension

Delete a data extension object.

Delete row from data extension

Delete a row in a data extension. Specify the row to delete by its primary key.

Delete rows from data extension

Delete rows from a data extension. Specify which rows to delete by their primary key.

Get campaign

Retrieves a campaign.

Get contact keys by email

Retrieve the contact key for one or more email channel addresses.

Get data from data extension

Gets data from the data extension, based on the filtering that is applied.

Get list

Retrieves a list.

Get subscriber

Retrieves a subscriber.

List campaigns

Retrieves a collection of campaigns.

List data extension fields

Returns the fields in a data extension

List data extensions

Lists all data extensions

List data extensions DDL

List data extensions ID DDL

List lists

Retrieves all lists in the account.

List lists a subscriber is on

Retrieves all the lists a subscriber is on.

List subscribers on a list

Retrieves all subscribers on a list.

Update subscriber

Updates a subscriber.

Upsert data extension

Create or update a data extension by specifying its ID or key.

Upsert data extension row

Create or update a data extension row by key.

List lists DDL