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PowerSchool is an education technology platform for K-12 schools.


PowerSchool provides K-12 education technology software to improve school management, student performance, and family engagement. The PowerSchool connector enables users to collect data about schools and students.


IMPORTANT!: There are two different methods of authentication depending on the PowerSchool connector version you are using. Instructions on each method can be found below, after the main authentication section has been explained.

Authentication for the PowerSchool connector requires the following credentials: the 'Client ID', and the 'Client Secret' and depending on which version you are using: either the 'Domain' ({}) or 'Subdomain' ({subdomain}

To find these credentials, you must first make sure you are logged in to your administrators account, in order to get to the admin panel itself. This will be evident by the URL path in your browser:

Once you are within your account, go to the left hand side panel, and find the subheading 'Setup' and select 'System' within.

While navigating around Powerschool can get confusing at times, note that you can keep track of your path by looking at the navigation provided by Powerschool at the top of your respective dashboard. This will ultimately be our end goal:

Once you are on the may System Administrator page, navigate to the very bottom and select 'System Settings':

Within 'System Settings' select the option in the list named: 'Plugin Management Configuration' (while not immediately obvious 'Plugin Management Configuration' is clickable):

Here you will see a list of installed plugins - known as the 'Plugin Management Dashboard'.

Scroll down until you find one named 'PowerSchool Learning' and make sure that it is ENABLED via ticking the small square box. It will turn blue once checked:

Click through this link ("PowerSchool Learning (Learn More)") and you will find yourself at the 'PowerSchool Learning Setup' page.

At the bottom of this page there is a table, wherein you will find a heading called 'Data Provider Configuration'.

Click through once more. Here you will gain access to your necessary credantials: 'Client ID' and 'Client Secret'.

Version 2.0

PowerSchool Connector Version 2.0

For version 2.0 of the PowerSchool connector you will need your Domain.

Remember that when you copy this from your URL, that you don't include any trailing "/" etc. For example; if your address is, you only need this section:

Version 1.0

PowerSchool Connector Version 1.0

For version 1.0 of the PowerSchool connector you will need your SubDomain.

Remember that when you copy this from your URL, that you don't include any trailing "/" or extra information. For example; if your address is, you only need this section: example:

Once you have these credentials, create a new authentication by clicking 'New authentication' in the step editor:

Then in the window that appears, give the authentication a name and input said credentials.

Finally click 'Add authentication':

Example usage

Retrieving student data

Student data can be retrieved using the 'List district students' operation, which retrieves a list of all students in the current district.

By default, a minimal amount of information about each student is returned, but you can use the 'Fields to expand' parameter to return additional data as required:

Similar functionality is also available for 'List district schools', 'Get district', and 'Get student' parameters. Pagination is also available for all list operations, enabling you to control how many results should be returned at once, and what index to start from.

Retrieving student DCIDs

By default, most student data is returned with the student's ID, but not their DCID.

A separate operation is needed to retrieve student DCIDs, called 'List student IDs and DCIDs'. This operation essentially provides a map of IDs and DCIDs.

In the 'Students' input parameter, you can specify either student IDs to be mapped to DCIDs, or DCIDs to be mapped to IDs:

Alternatively, if you leave 'Students' blank then the data for all the students will be returned.

All Operations

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