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Full-featured online project management app


Paymo helps your team work better by getting everyone on the same page. Planning, scheduling, task management & time tracking seamlessly integrated.


When using the Paymo connector, the first thing you will have to do is click on 'New Authentication' in the step editor:

Ensure you correctly add your Paymo username/email and password correctly otherwise operations will not be able to be ran correctly.

Available Operations

The examples below show one or two of the available connector operations in use.

Please see the Full Operations Reference at the end of this page for details on all available operations for this connector.


  1. Create a new workflow with a Manual Trigger and add a Paymo connector.

  1. Select the List Projects operation and filter projects by their activity status:

  1. Click Run Workflow Now. Then select the Debug tab and you should be able to see a successful run of the workflow to click on and view the successful output of the workflow run:

  1. Let's try to update some specific project. For example, we want to change its name. Add a step from the Paymo connector, set to Update project. Set the Project ID to the ID of one of the projects, by using a JsonPath as shown in the example:

  1. Change project's name in corresponding field.

  2. Click Run Workflow Now, select the Debug tab and you should be able to see the successful output with new project's name.