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Oracle Bronto

Oracle Bronto is a mass email marketing platform.


The Oracle Bronto connector allows you to create contacts, fields and mail lists, update contacts, and list various resources.


Before using the Oracle Bronto connector, you will need your API Key, which can be created and accessed inside the Bronto web app by navigating to Settings > Platform Settings > Data Exchange.

Once you have a working API key, add an Oracle Bronto step inside a workflow and click on 'New Authentication' in the step editor.

In the window that appears, name your authentication and then add your API Key:

Click 'Add authentication' and you will then be set up and ready to go.


For List operations, there is a filter object which allows you to filter resources according to particular fields:

In the List operations for the fields, mail lists, and segments resources, there is a 'filter type' which tells the API to only return resources that fulfill all criteria (the And type), or just one criterion specified (the Or type).

Some filter objects have operator fields, which allow you to be more specific in the filter criteria:

Other filter objects contain just a string; in these cases, the operator is Equal To (i.e., return only resources that exactly match the criterion specified):

All filter objects are arrays, meaning that multiple filters on the same field can be specified; for example, you can filter according to multiple email addresses: