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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

A team-based communication platform from Microsoft.


The Microsoft Teams connector allows you to interact with groups, teams, channels, and users inside your Teams workspace.


To begin using the connector, add a step in a workflow, and click New authentication in the step editor.

In the window that appears, you can name your authentication and specify the scopes you want to include:

Click 'Add authentication' and you will then be set up and ready to go.

Query fields (for List operations)

Many List operations accept OData query fields that enable the user to customise the output. They are not available on all such operations, but where they are present they can make finding data much easier.


The Select field allows you to specify which fields you want to be returned. If left blank, all fields in the output schema will be returned (if available). This enables you to cut out unnecessary information in responses from the Teams API.


The Filter field allows the results of a List operation to be filtered according to user-defined criteria. For the operations that support this feature, there are two ways to define filters. The Query builder provides a template for simple queries:

On the other hand, for more complex queries, you can also input a custom Query string, according to the guidance provided by Microsoft's documentation:

If you define multiple filters, you can specify how they are joined together using the Condition field:

Selecting 'And' means that only results will be returned which match all specified filters, whereas selecting 'Or' means that any result will be returned if it matches at least one filter.

Notes on Operations usage

Create adaptive card

As of version 1.3, a new operation 'Create adaptive card' has been added to the Microsoft Teams connector that allows you to create interactive messages known as adaptive cards within Teams.

This requires the to be added to your Microsoft Teams workspace as well as any conversations you would like the bot to be able to send adaptive cards to.

Adding the bot to Microsoft Teams

The bot package is required to upload to your Microsoft Teams workspace. This can be found here. Once you have downloaded this you can add it to teams using the following steps.

First navigate to the Apps tab from the left hand navigation menu.

Select Upload a customised app from the left hand menu and choose the downloaded bot package from your local machine.

Now click on the app once it appears under built for your org.

From the popup window that appears, select and Add to add the bot to your teams workspace. Once added it will redirect you to the app page.

Adding the bot to Chats or Teams

Navigate back to the Apps tab from the left hand navigation menu and select the app. Select the down arrow next to the Open button. This will reveal two options; Add to a team and Add to a chat.

Select one of the options depending on whether you want to add to a private chat or a team.

The next window allows you to search the Team name, Channel name, or User name for which conversation you want to add the bot to. Once you have found the correct channel, select Set up in the bottom right hand corner to add the bot.

The bot can send adaptive cards to this conversation and is ready to use with the 'Create adaptive card' operation.

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