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Directory as a service



Jumpcloud uses an API key which can be found by logging into your Jumpcloud account and choosing API Settings from the dropdown.

Basic operation list

  • Get system user

  • List system users

  • Reset MFA

  • Search system users

Example - Searching users

To search for users with values in certain fields, the Search system users operation can be used.

If not all fields are required for the found users, then the fields name that are required can be listed, as shown below.

Fields selection

Filters can be used to search for user with specific properties. First, you can choose how the filters should be evaluated together. To match any of the filters, Or can be chosen. To only return results that match ALL the filters, please select And.

Filter selection

To filter on specific fields, enter the field name and the value it should match.

Filter fields

Using the Limit and Offset fields, pagination can be achieved.

All Operations

Latest version:


Get system user

Retrieve a system user by their ID

List system users

List all system users in the Jumpcloud account

Reset MFA

Resets the MFA TOTP token for a specified system user and puts them in an MFA enrollment period

Search system users

Search system users on specified filter criteria