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An online form-building service, with a drag-and-drop interface and over 7,000 templates


JotForm is an online form-building service. Users can create forms from scratch using the drag-and-drop building tool, or select from one of over 7,000 templates.


The same authentication can be used for both the main JotForm connector and the JotForm trigger.

The first step is to create an API key. To do this, log in to your JotForm account and visit If you already have active API keys on your account, you will see them listed. Otherwise, you can create a new one by clicking Create New Key. A new key will be automatically generated and appear in the list. You can also change whether the key has both read and write access, or just read access, in the Permissions column.

In order to use this key in, create a new workflow and drag a JotForm step into it:

Click "New Authentication". You will see this screen:

Input your API key into the API Key box, and select "EU" or "America" in the Region box. Click Add authentication, and if your details are correct then you will be authenticated.

The JotForm Trigger

The JotForm trigger allows users to create workflows that are triggered whenever a submission is made to a particular form.

To use the trigger, begin by creating a new workflow, and at the Add a trigger connector screen, search for and select JotForm:

The workflow will then open. To set up the trigger, select an authentication, and then select which form the trigger will connect with in the Form ID box:

The trigger is now set up. Click Enable to start the workflow, and test that it is working by submitting to the form you selected. You can then check in the debug tab that the test was successful. If it is successful, then any time someone submits to the selected form, the workflow will be triggered, allowing for automatic processing and handling of the data received.

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