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iOffice is a cloud-based integrated workplace management (IWMS).


iOfffice facilities management solution that helps organizations to manage their business operations and workflows. Users can choose from ten modules with management features for space, move, service requests, assets, visitors, mail and more.

API INFO: The Base URL used for the iOffice connector is https://{{your_official_iOffice_page}}/external/api/rest/v2. More information can be found on their main API documentation (v2.0) site.


Within the workflow builder, highlight the iOffice connector.

In the iOffice connector properties panel to the right of the builder, click on the Authenticate tab and the 'Add new authentication' button.

This will result in a authentication pop-up model. The first page will ask you to name your authentication and select the type of authentication you wish to create ('Personal' or 'Organisational').

The next page asks you for your 'Base URL' and 'Authentication type'.

The 'Base URL' is the URL of your official iOffice page.

Select the Authentication type from the available drop-down options.

If you select the authentication type: 'Username/Password', you will need the credentials you use to log into your iOffice account.

If you select the authentication type: 'Access token', it will ask you for the iOffice account's access token.

To get the access token please refer to the iOffice Using OAuth 2.0 to access the API web page.

Once you have added these fields to your authentication popup window, click the 'Create authentication' button.

Go back to your settings authentication field (within the workflow builder properties panel), and select the recently added authentication from the dropdown options now available.

Your connector authentication setup should now be complete.

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