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A Partner Relationship Management platform


Impartner PRM helps companies of all sizes optimise the performance for their channel and accelerate revenue from partners of all types.

API Information

The Base URL used for the Impartner connector is More information can be found on their main API documentation (v1.0) site.


Within the builder, click on the Impartner connector to display the connector properties panel. Select the Auth tab and click on the New authentication button.

In the authentication pop-up modal name your authentication in a way that will quickly identify it within a potentially large list. For example whether it is a Sandbox or Production auth, etc.

Consider who/ how many people will need access to this authentication when choosing where to create this authentication ('Personal' vs 'Organisational').

The next page asks you for your Username and Password credentials. These are the same credentials you would use to log into your Impartner account.

Once you have added these fields to your authentication pop-up window click the Create authentication button. 

Your connector authentication setup should now be complete. Please run the simplest operation available to test and make sure you can retrieve data as expected.

Available Operations

The examples below show one or two of the available connector operations in use.

Please see the Full Operations Reference at the end of this page for details on all available operations for this connector.

Example Usage

TRAY POTENTIAL: is extremely flexible. By design there is no fixed way of working with it - you can pull whatever data you need from other services and work with it using our core and helper connectors.

BEST PRACTICES: Whenever you do decide to create your own workflow, be sure to check out some of our key articles such as:

Batch Update Records

Below is an example how you could potentially use the Impartner connector to batch update multiple records - regardless of their incoming format.

This method will essentially show you how to transform any data into a composition that Impartner can easily use.

The overall logic of the workflow is as follows:

  1. Setup using a Manual Trigger. Remember that you can replace this with the service trigger of your choice or a scheduled trigger instead.

  2. Add an Object Helper and fill it with dummy data (for testing purposes). Again, you could replace or remove this with a service trigger / connector so that the data you are using comes in the format you will be working with immediately.

  3. Use a JSON Transformer to format the data in a way that makes it acceptable to use with Impartner's database structure.

  4. Add an Impartner connector to batch update the newly formatted information in bulk.

Your completed workflow should look similar to this:

The end result being multiple records updated with ease:

Step-by-step Explanation