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Help Scout

Directory as a service



To create an authentication with Help Scout, click on the New Authentication button and enter the same username and password used to login to your Help Scout account.

Example 1 - List Customers

In this example we'll retrieve a list of customers, using some filters and also using the advance query field.

The List operations in the Help Scout connector limit results to 50 items. To retrieve more results, the Page property needs to be used to paginate through the result set if there are more than 50.

For more information on pagination, please refer to our pagination help page here.

Step 1 - Populate filters

There are a standard set of filters in the List customers operation, including a query option for more advanced querying.

For example, customers can be filtered by Mailbox by choosing the mailbox name from the drop down. We can also return all records that have been modified after a certain date. Results can then sorted by a different fields (we'll choose modified at in this example).

Step 2 - Populate advanced query

In addition to these filters, the Advance query property can also be used to apply more specific conditions. For example, if we wanted all customers where the email is or, AND the phone number is 01234567890, our query input would look like the below.

Notice how the Conjunction is set to AND. This dictates how the field filters are logically combined. Options are AND or OR.

Step 3 - Results

Each result set will contain some properties that give information about how many items were returned, and if there are any more items to retrieve from Help Scout (see below).

You can see that the size property shows that 50 customers were returned, but the total number of customers is 110. Meaning we would need to make the request again and specify 2 in the Page property.

Example 2 - Create conversation

To create a conversation, at least one thread needs to be added. If only one thread is specified, this cannot be a note thread.

Step 1 - Populate required fields

Choose the type of conversation you want to create i.e. chat, email or phone. Then populate the required fields, including the customer ID associated with the conversation.

Step 2 - Add a thread

At least one thread is required, and there are different types of threads (having only one note thread is not allowed). Here we'll add a chat thread.

The Imported option is for those situations when the chat, phone call or email activity has already occurred, and you just want to make a record of it. Ticking the imported option allows you to set a historical Created at date of when the contact happened.

Attachments can also be uploaded, this requires a file object which has been generated by another connector step e.g. the Google Drive connector. This can be achieved by JSON pathing in the file object (shown below).

Please refer to our help pages on using the connector snake here, which will help create the JSON path for the file object.

Step 3 - Result

If successful, the result will be the ID of the created conversation.