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Gusto makes it easy for businesses to onboard, pay, insure, and support their hardworking teams.


Gusto provides a cloud-based payroll, benefits, and human resource management solution for businesses. Gusto automates and simplifies payroll, benefits and other HR processes for businesses.

API Information

The Base URL used for the Gusto connector is for developing an integration and for production. More information can be found on their main API documentation(v1) site.


Within the builder, click on the Gusto connector to display the connector properties panel. Select the 'Auth' tab and click on the 'New authentication' button.

In the authentication pop-up modal, name the authentication in a way that will quickly identify it within a potentially large list. For example, whether it is a Sandbox or Production auth, etc.

Consider who/ how many people will need access to this authentication when choosing where to create this authentication ('Personal' or 'Organisational').

The second page asks you for your 'Client ID' and 'Client Secret' credentials. You also have to select your 'Environment' which is either 'Production' or 'Development'.

To get these fields, head to the Gusto dashboard. Click on 'Applications' and click on the 'Name'.

Here you can see the 'Client ID' and 'Secret'.

Once you have added these fields to your authentication pop-up window, click the 'Create authentication' button. 

Your connector authentication setup should now be complete.

Available Operations

The examples below show one or two of the available connector operations in use.

Please see the Full Operations Reference at the end of this page for details on all available operations for this connector.