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Fast, searchable email with less spam.


Use the Gmail connector to list, send and download emails as well as change system preferences.


Note: Before authenticating this Google connector, you will need to whitelist the Google authentication app. Please follow the instructions here before continuing with the authentication process.

Once this is done, you can click on the New Authentication button:

A window appears displaying what scopes will be requested for your account. Tick accordingly and continue.

After being redirected to Google, click on the Allow button found at the bottom of the window.

The authentication process has been completed and the connector can now be used.

Example 1 - Sending an email

This example will walkthrough how to send an email using the Gmail connector.

The first step is to select the Send email operation.

Here, a subject and an email body has been defined. This has been done using the subject and body input fields.

The next step is to configure the address that will be sending the email, and the address that will be receiving the email.

The email is now ready to be sent. To do so, the workflow is ran and as can be seen it has been successful in sending the email.

Below, you can also see the email that was sent on an email client.

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