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The visual team planner for agencies, studios, and firms.


The float connector makes resource planning simple.


When using the float connector, the first thing you will have to do is click on 'New Authentication' in the step editor:


You will need to enter the API Key.

  • Log into your Float account and click and the settings icon in the top right

  • Select Integrations

  • Copy the API Key

You can then paste the API Key into the tray authentication page.


In this example we build a simple workflow to retrieve the list of projects from float.

Create a new workflow with a Manual Trigger, and add a step from the float connector, with the operation set to List Projects. You can specify some properties, such as Page or Per Page.


The output will be an object with a the domain overview from each database.


All Operations

Latest version:


Create milestone

Create a new milestone.

Create person

Create a new person.

Delete milestone

Delete a single milestone by ID.

Delete person

Delete a single person by ID.

Get milestone

Get the details of a single milestone by ID.

Get person

Get the details of a single person by ID.

List accounts

List of accounts that have been granted access to this team.

List departments DDL

List milestones

Retrieve a List of milestones for a project.

List milestones DDL

List people

Retrieve a list of people.

List people DDL

List projects

Retrieve a list of projects.

Raw HTTP request (advanced)

Perform a raw HTTP request with some pre-configuration and processing by the connector, such as authentication.

Update Milestone

Update the details of a single milestone by ID.

Update Person

Update the details of a single person by ID.

Create department

Create a new department.

List departments

List of departments in account.

List projects DDL