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Send, sign and approve documents from wherever life takes you. (updated: 1657717959099)


DocuSign enables people to securely create, sign, and manage agreements.


DocuSign allows businesses to prepare and manage agreements with customers and employees using electronic signatures.


When using the DocuSign connector, the first thing you will have to do is click on 'New Authentication' in the step editor:


On the next screen, you can select whether this is a production or sandbox account, and give the authentication a name. You must tick the box confirming that you grant full read and write access in your account, and then click 'Add authentication':


A pop-window will then open where you can log in to your DocuSign account:


If your details are correct, the window will close and the authentication will be created.

All Operations

Latest version:


List folders

Get a list of all the folders in your account.

Apply envelope document templates

Adds templates to a document in the specified envelope. Global properties such as recipients will not be applied.

Apply envelope templates

Applies templates to the specified envelope.

Create Envelope

Create an envelope in your DocuSign account.

Create envelope custom fields

Creates the envelope custom fields for draft and in-process envelopes.

Create envelope from template

Create an envelope from a template in your DocuSign account.

Delete envelope custom fields

Deletes the envelope custom fields for draft and in-process envelopes.

Delete envelope template

Deletes the specified template from a document in an existing envelope.

Download envelope document

Download a document from DocuSign. You'll be given a URL which you can pass to other connectors for uploading.

Get account details

Lookup details about a DocuSign account.

Get envelope by ID

Find an envelope by ID.

Get template

Get a template for the specified account

Get user info

Get details about the user you've connected to tray.

List accounts

Get a list of the accounts attached to a user's account.

List accounts domains DDL

List envelope custom fields

Retrieves the custom field information for the specified envelope.

List envelope documents

Get a list of documents in an envelope.

List envelope templates

Get a list of envelope templates

List envelope templates by document

Get a list of envelope templates associated with a document in the specified envelope.

List envelopes

Get a list of envelopes.

List templates

Get a list of templates for the specified account

Raw HTTP request (advanced)

Perform a raw HTTP request with some pre-configuration and processing by the connector, such as authentication.

Update envelope custom fields

Updates the envelope custom fields for draft and in-process envelopes.