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Train employees, partners and customers worldwide. (updated: 1657717715518)


Docebo is a Learning Management System


Docebo is a Learning Management System that allows you to train employees, partners and customers worldwide.


To create an authentication with Docebo log in to the Docebo app as the Superadmin and access the Admin Menu from the gear icon in the top right corner and click on Add New Apps. Find the Third Party Integrations tab, then choose the API and SSO App. Then activate the new app from the My APPS tab by pressing the Activate App.

Once installed, access the Admin Menu and click the manage link Manage under the API AND SSO section. From the API Credentials tab click on Add OAuth2 App to create a new app.

Use for the Redirect URI field.


Use the new app details to create the Authentication on Tray. You will need to provide:

  • Domain

  • Client ID

  • Client secret


All Operations

Latest version:


Batch import catalogues

Import multiple catalogues.

Update user subscription

Updates the user subscription to a course.

Update enrollment

Update enrollment of user to course

Update course

Updates a course in the LMS specified by ID

Count report rows

Returns the number of records matching the specified filters.

Count enrolled users

Counts the number of enrolled users.

List categories

Returns a list of categories.

List report rows

Returns a list of rows extracted from a custom report and matching the specified filter.

List users enrolled in course

Returns a list of users enrolled in course.

Create user subscription

Subscribes a user to a course.

List transactions

Returns a list of e-commerce transactions.

Delete user subscription

Delete the user subscription from a course.

Get users report status

Checks the status of a background report job and returns the data if it's ready.

List branches

List of branches of given root level

Get catalogue

Returns a catalogue with a given catalogue ID.

Import courses into a catalogue

Import courses (and courses only) into a catalog.

Count transactions

Returns the number of counted transactions by specified criteria.

Create learning objective (HTML page)

Creates a new learning object with the type of HTML page.

Delete course

Deletes a course. Only "elearning" courses can be deleted.

Create course

Creates a new course in the LMS.

Get generic platform stat

Returns generic platform stats

Delete users from branches

Removes specific users from branches

Enroll user in course

Enrolls a user onto a specified course

Get generic user stat

Returns generic user stats.

Get total users for course

Returns a course total enrollments count.

Get user profile

Returns information about a user.

Get user report

Returns a special crafted array of data regarding a User's Summary Report.

List courses

Returns a list of courses.

List enrolled

Returns a list of courses in the LMS that a user is enrolled to

List enrollments

Lists the enrolled users.

List reports

Returns a list of reports created in the system.

List topics

Unused for now as it returns internal server error.

List transaction items

Returns the items list of a specified transaction.

List users

Returns a list of all users in the platform

Start users report

Starts a background report creation process and returns a unique JOB ID to track its progress.

Subscribe user with code

The user is enrolled in all courses having the provided registration code with the student level

Batch add courses in catalogues

Import courses into multiple catalogues.

List catalogue filters

Retrieves all filter options by catalog ID.

List advanced catalogue filters

Retrieves all advanced filter options by catalog ID.

List courses for catalogue calendar

Retrieves courses for Catalog calendar.

Add users to branches

Adds users to specific branches

List catalogue webpages

Retrieves webpages to be displayed as public catalog pages.

Move users to branch

Move users from one branch to another branch

Remove course from a catalog

Remove course form a catalog.

Batch import catalogue visibility

Import users/groups to existing catalogues.

List all catalogues

Retrieves all catalogues, filtered on input parameters.

Batch import catalogue items

Assign unassigned courses to existing catalogues.