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The leading destination for company insights from early-stage startups to the Fortune 1000.


Crunchbase is a platform for finding business information about private and public companies.


To authenticate with the Crunchbase connector you will need a user key which is emailed to you following registration.

Using Search operations

The connector has a number of multi purpose operations that allow you to search several endpoints to generate a variety or responses depending on your needs.

As an example we'll look at how you can use the Search Organization endpoint.

Search for a list of organization summaries

  • A basic search operation that will return a list of all organizations on the crunchbase database along with their summaries

Search for an organization

  • Narrow the above search by querying the crunchbase API with a search query that could be an alias or a short description

  • For example in the below search we query 'alphabet' which returns a list of 8 potential matches including the organization summary of Google's parent company Alphabet

Search for information on organization

  • To get more detailed information on a company and its relationships we can make a GET request by passing in the organizations permalink (a unique identifier that can be found a previous response). The response will include a list of all the organizations relationships capped at 10 per relationship.

  • Note that all other inputs must be excluded

Search for an organization's relationships

  • The crunchbase API also makes it possible to filter the relationships that is returned from the API

  • To do this under the Filter input we need to first select 'Search relationships'

  • Then from the drop down you select the relationship(s) for the endpoint you want returned from the API

  • Below we search the orgnizations endpoint that returns a response that contains's Founders relationship