Artisan SVG > Chat trayning (chat-trayning) (chat-double-bubble-3)
Artisan SVG > Chat trayning (chat-trayning) (chat-double-bubble-3)

Chat Trayning

A connector to be used for tray-ning purposes only


The Chat Trayning connector is to be used as a part of a training exercise to become familiar with building workflows in The Chat Trayning replicates a messaging platform, such as the Slack connector.


Please see the below link for more information on the workflow builder exercises which utilize this connector.

Build practice workflow exercises


As this is a training connector it does not connect to a real API or service, meaning authentication is not required.

Note on Operation Usage

All operations in the Chat Trayning connector return static fake data to be used in the workflow builder training exercises.

The operations in this connector should only be used whilst following the exercises linked above.

These operations accept the output from various connector steps in the practice workflows built in the exercises linked above and are designed to verify that this output is correct.

If something has gone wrong in the workflow and the operations receive invalid data, they will throw an error which should have a helpful message to give a hint at which connector step should be checked.

For example the following error message would mean that there is most likely an issue with the Data Mapper workflow step.:

The provided region is not valid. Please be aware that the region is case sensitive. It must be one of "Europe, the Middle East and Africa", "Asia Pacific" or "North, Central and South America". Please check your Data Mapping workflow step to check the values are being replaced correctly.


Send message to customer

This operation simply expects the concatenated first and last name of a customer in order to send an automated message.

The operation will verify that there is a matching customer name in the fake data that is output by the List customers operation in the CRM Trayning connector.

In order to use this operation, the Text helpers concatenate operation must be used to concatenate the name. You would then take the output from that connector step. The input to the connector would look something like this:

Send thank you message

This operation is designed to verify the output of an exercise that will require the use of several core connectors and helpers.

The output of the List customers operation will be the starting point. From there, the List helpers, Loop collection, Boolean Condition, Data Mapper and Text Helpers all need to be used in order to achieve the correct input for this operation.

In the workflow builder, your input would look something like the below (notice the usage of jsonpaths or the connector snake to obtain the output of previous connector steps):