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Chargebee provides subscription and recurring billing solutions for subscription-based SaaS and eCommerce businesses. (updated: 1657717613842)


A leading subscription billing software powering end-to-end recurring billing, subscription management & auto invoicing


Chargebee is the subscription billing and revenue management platform that lets you solve for your today, and scale for your tomorrow.


After adding a Chargebee connector, click to add a new authentication:


You will then be presented with the auth dialog:


When entering your domain be sure to remove the 'https://' prefix and the '' suffix.

So if your domain is you should enter 'koreservices-test'

Your API key is obtained by going to Configure Chargebee > API Keys and Webhooks in the Chargebee admin UI:


Setting up a Webhook

In Chargebee it is possible to set up a webhook in order to automatically notify a Tray workflow when events occur in Chargebee.

To do this, create a new workflow in Tray with a Webhook Trigger:


In your workflow click to enable it.

Then go to 'Workflow settings' in the top-left of the builder.

From here you can copy the 'Workflow public URL':


And then create a new Webhook in Chargebee using the Workflow public URL:


Note that you can also choose which events to send.

You can then test your webhook URL:


In your Tray workflow debug panel you will then see a test webhook payload coming through (don't forget your workflow needs to be enables otherwise it won't work!):


From here you can then use jsonpaths such as $ and $ to grab individual pieces of data from the webhook and pass into other connectors.

For more information please see our Intro to jsonpaths and working with data and jsonpaths

All Operations

Latest version:


Create customer

Create a new customer.

Create order

Create a new order. NOTE: This operation can only be used if you are using Chargebee's legacy order management system.

Get customer

Retrieve a specific customer.

Get event

Retrieve a specific event.

Get order

Retrieve a specific order.

Get subscription

Retrieve a specific subscription.

Get transaction

Retrieve a specific transaction.

List customers

Retrieve a list of customers.

List customers DDL

List events

Retrieve a list of events.

List events DDL

List orders

Retrieve a list of orders.

List orders DDL

List subscriptions

Retrieve a list of subscriptions.

List subscriptions DDL

List transactions

Retrieve a list of transactions.

List transactions DDL

Raw HTTP request (advanced)

Perform a raw HTTP request with some pre-configuration and processing by the connector, such as authentication.

Update customer

Update an existing customer.