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Artisan IMG > Brandfolder (brandfolder) (3a16e739-07a1-4ca8-84bd-5c1abfcc80e9)


Digital Asset Management, Simplified.


Store, share, and showcase your assets in one place with Brandfolder, the world's most powerfully simple digital asset management software.


When using the brandfolder connector, the first thing you will have to do is click on 'New Authentication' in the step editor:

An API key is required:

Find your API key at

Click the icon to the right of your key to copy it to your clipboard.

Paste the key into the token field.

Example - Moving existing digital assets into Brandfolder

This example will demonstrate the Create assets operation.

In this example we want to import images from an FTP server into Brandfolder.

1 - List files

Using the FTP connector. Set the operation to FTP list files.

Set the Path to path of where the images are located.

2 - Loop through files

Using the Loop collection helper set the operation to Loop list and set the list to the output of the list files operation.

3 - Download file

Using the FTP connector set the Operation to FTP download and the set the FilePath to the output of the Loop collection helper.

4 - Create asset

Using the Brandfolder connector set the operation to Create Assets.

Select the type of asset you want to create.

Add an Asset and an Attachment, set the Name, URL and Filename to output of the previous step.