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E-commerce software for businesses.


The BigCommerce connector allows you to manage your BigCommerce store.


When using the BigCommerce connector, the first thing you will have to do is click on 'New Authentication' in the step editor:

You will need to enter the Client ID, Access token and Store hash.

  • Log into your store and select Advanced Settings

  • Select Api Accounts

  • Select Create API Account

  • Insert any name and the scopes (permissions) to allow the operations to be executed.

  • Select Save

You will then use the generated Client ID and Access token in your Tray authentication alongside with the Store hash (e.g. If your store url is then you will enter hi1234).


In this example we will build a simple workflow to retrieve a list of products from a BigCommerce store.

Create a new workflow with a Manual Trigger, and add a step from the BigCommerce connector, with the operation set to List products. You can either run the workflow immediately or specify some filters, such as Availability or Type.

The output will be an object with a list of products.