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Act-On marketing automation software helps sales and marketing teams increase and convert leads faster


The Act-On connector currently allows you to create, update, delete records as well as query lists and subscription information.


When using the Act-On connector, the first thing you will have to do is click on 'New Authentication' in the step editor:


You can then name your authentication and continue with by pressing Add authentication.


This will redirect you to a Act-On login screen. Add your login credentials and press the Authorize app button.


If successful, you will be redirected back to your workflow and can now use the Act-On connector.


Example 1: Creating a record

This example will show how you how to create a record for a list in Act-On.

  1. Add the Act-On connector to your workflow

  1. Select the 'Create record' operation and the authentication that has been created.

  1. Add the ID of the list that you wish to add the record to.

  1. To add fields to the record you will need to add properties to the Record body object. When adding a property the key represents the field name in Act-On. This has to be exactly as it appears in the Act-On system. If you are not sure what the fields names are, they can be found using the Get List operation. The response of the Get List contains an array named headers which contains all the fields that can be added to the record body.


Below is an example record body that will be created.

  1. Once the record body is ready, the workflow can be run. As can seen below, the creation was a success a new record has been created.


All Operations

Latest version:


Create contact record

Add a contact record to a list

Delete contact record

Delete a contact record in a list

Get contact record

Retrieve an individual contact record by ID

Get contact record fact and score data

Get a contact record's activity facts and scores.

Get list

Retrieve a list using their ID

Get message report

Get a report on the specified message.

Get message report drilldown

Get a drilldown report for a specific email message

Get upsert upload status

Check whether upsert async contact record upload is complete

List all lists

Retrieve a list of all lists in Act-On

List messages

List messages

List subscription categories

Get a list of subscriptions listed by category.

List subscription categories DDL

List subscription category opt ins by email

Get a list of categories that an email address has explicitly opted into.

List subscription opt outs

Get a list of records specifically opted out of a specific category

Opt in / Opt out email from multiple subscription categories

Add/remove individual records from multiple subscription category by email address.

Opt in / Opt out email from subscription category

Add/remove individual contact records from a subscription category by email address

Update contact record

Update a contact record in a list using its ID

Upsert contact record

Update an existing record or insert a new contact record using the email address that you specify using the following logic. If the email address exists in the list, only the first record matching that email address is updated with the data you provide. If the email address is not already in the list, a new record is added. Please take note that this means that any duplicate records are NOT updated.