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A flexible learning platform that makes it easy to build and manage training programs for internal and external stakeholders.


When using the Absorb connector, the first thing you will have to do is click on 'New Authentication' in the step editor. To create an authentication with Absorb you will need Username*, Password, Private key and Company name** :

Available Operations

The example below show one or two of the available connector operations in use.

Please see the Full Operations Reference at the end of this page for details on all available operations for this connector.

There is a long list of available operations. For full list, please, go to the end of this page.


  1. Create a new workflow with a Manual Trigger and add a Absorb connector:
  1. Select the List users operation. Since Absorb API doesn't support pagination we recommend you use filter parameters to reduce the size of results. In our example we are gonna use filtering by specific username:
  1. Click Run Workflow*. Then select the Debug** tab and you should be able to see a successful run of the workflow to click on and view the successful output of the workflow run:

4.Let's try to get list user enrollments, using ID that we just retrieved. Add a step from the Absorb connector, set to List user enrollments. Set the User ID to the ID of one of the user, by using a JsonPath as shown in the example:

5.Click Run Workflow, select the Debug tab and you should be able to see the successful output with information about chosen profile:

All Operations

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