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Send Email

Send Email

Quickly send emails from your workflow


The Send Email connector can be used as a quick way to send an email to any address.

This is useful for things such as internal alert emails, automated mails to customers etc.

For any mail that is sent you will need to specify a Recipient, a Subject and Content.

Note on changing the 'From' email address

If you change the 'from' email for this connector you may encounter the following error:

"warning": "Because you are using a custom email domain, your email may not have been sent. We suggest sending an email to yourself from this address first to test."

The default from address is ""

When you change the email "from" to be anything that doesn't end in either or then is sending an email on behalf of a domain dooes not own.

This is an issue between email service providers, and is not a spcific Tray issue. For security reasons, sending email on behalf of a domain you don't own carries risks of non-delivery.

One option is to update the email to be if you want to minimize risk of non-delivery but still ensure some customization.

Example - setting up an email alert

The below example shows how you might check the output of your workflow trigger to see if it indicates that an account has expired.

Note that this example shows using jsonpaths as the core Tray method of moving data from one connector to another. If you are unfamiliar with this method, please see one of our intro tutorials and our basic working with data guide.

This is done using a boolean connector to check if the trigger output indicates that an account has expired:

If the account has expired then an email is sent. Note that the Content field can mix written text with data pulled in from the trigger step by enclosing the jsonpaths in { } as per the below examples of {$} and {$}:

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