Replaying workflow runs

In the  Logs page, you can "replay" previous runs of a workflow. This allows you to re-run a previous run of a workflow, based on a trigger that was previously sent.

Common reasons for replaying workflow runs are:

  • There was an error in one of your workflow steps
  • A third party API went down for a long period of time
  • Your workflow is a scheduled workflow, and you want to manually re-trigger it

How replays work

When you replay a workflow run, the original data sent to the trigger is used to trigger the workflow again. If you've made changes to the workflow since the trigger, the workflow will be run using the current workflow configuration. (Not how the workflow was configured when it was originally run) 

How to replay a workflow run

Open up the logs page, and hover over a previous run of the workflow. You'll see a "REPLAY" button on the right side of the page. Click it to replay that workflow run.

Last updated 20th February 2017