2. Integration Strategy

Here, we determine if Tray has already built something that fits your use-case.


  1. Navigate to the tray.io Services Library.
  2. Find your desired service.  If you don't see the service you are interested in integrating, skip ahead to HTTP Connector.
  3. If you see your service(s) in our list, Tray has already developed a comprehensive connection.  Let's see if we have a QST for your use-case.  Skip to Quick Start Templates.

Quick Start Templates

Once you've located your service(s) in our Service Library, click into the service, scroll down and see if there are any Templates listed.

Find a template for your use case?  Great! Skip ahead to  Configuring your Quick Start Template.

HTTP Connector

If you can't find the service you wish to connect with in our library, never fear!  We have created an HTTP Connector for this purpose exactly.  Using this, you can create a connection to any RESTful API.  Once you have the data you require, we can route it with Tray.

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Last updated 12th April 2017