Connecting Asana with Salesforce (project creation)



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Note: this tutorial helps you create Asana projects when new Opportunities are created in Salesforce. If you'd prefer to create tasks instead, please see this tutorial.


The Salesforce integration helps teams work better together by streamlining the process of working across teams. It's common for salespeople to live in Salesforce, while the project management, design, and implementations live in Asana. The integration enables each team to work in the system for their choice! 


  • Create a "template project" in Asana. Templates aren't anything special - they're just projects. This project should reflect the process that you want to follow for every new opportunity, when it is created. You can add any tasks & subtasks, custom fields, tags to your template project. 
  • You should be a Salesforce admin
  • Your Salesforce account should be on the Enterprise tier or higher
  • You should be on a paid Asana tier - with "Teams" enabled on your account


To integrate Asana with Salesforce, we need to install a Tray workflow template. This template:

  • Auto-creates projects in Asana when Opportunities are created in Salesforce
  • Adds progress updates in Asana when the stage of an Opportunity changes in Salesforce (e.g. changed from "Negotiation" to "Closed Won")

1) Visit the Create Asana projects from Salesforce Opportunities template.

Note: if you'd prefer to create projects when Accounts are created in Salesforce, go to this template instead. (The rest of this guide is the same)

Tip: if you'd like to create projects for Salesforce Accounts instead of Opportunities, install the Create Asana projects from Salesforce Accounts template instead.

2) Click Use Template and give your new workflow a name (or leave it as the default). Then click Save.

3) Your new workflow will immediately open, and you'll see the "Configure Template" screen. Click Start Configuration.

4) You'll then see a setup guide, with a couple of helpful tips.

IMPORTANT: to install this template, you'll need to be:

  • A System Administrator of your Salesforce account
  • A paying Asana customer, with "Teams" enabled on your Asana workspace.

All good on the above? Click Continue.

5) You'll now be in the "Configure Salesforce" step. There are no Salesforce specific options to pick, but you'll need to connect your Salesforce account with Tray.

Tip: it's also possible to connect a Salesforce sandbox account with Tray, if you'd like to test things first.

Important: you need to be a Salesforce admin to be able to connect your Salesforce account to Tray. Your Salesforce edition also needs to be Enterprise or higher.

Click  New Authentication, and then click Next in the dialog.

6) You'll now either see a login screen (you'll need to login), and then you'll see the following. Click Allow to connect your Salesforce account with Tray.

7) Click Continue.

8) You'll now see the "Configure Asana" step. Here you can connect your Asana account with Tray, and configure some other Asana-related options, such as your workspace.

To connect your Asana account with Tray, click New Authentication. Once the window has opened, click Next.

9) After clicking next, you'll now see a popup window open, asking you for permission to connect your Asana account with Tray. Click Allow.

10) Next up, we'll need to choose a few options to configure the template:

  • Choose your Asana workspace (TIP: must be an organization with teams)
  • The team within the workspace where you'd like to create projects 
  • The project that you'd like to use as a template for creating the new projects (this must exist within the team selected)

11) Click Continue.

12) We're almost there! Click the Enable button, and wait until the message "Your workflow is initialising, please wait" message disappears.

13) That's it! Let's try creating an Opportunity in Salesforce, to see it created in Asana:

Once the project has been created, you'll see tasks, custom fields etc get added into the project as well: (Note that this is not applicable if you installed the Accounts template)

14) (Optional) If you'd like to also save tasks created in Asana back into Salesforce, you can also go and install the Sync Asana Tasks to Salesforce template.


I see a "Forbidden" error message when starting the workflow.

If you see this message, it means that you haven't got the required Salesforce permissions in your account. You need to be a System Administrator, with full access to the API, including the "Metadata API".

I've noticed projects are being created for Opportunities that I've created in the past. Is it possible to prevent this?

Yes! You'll need to modify the workflow to specify a "minimum created date" for opportunities. Any opportunities created after this date will not have Asana projects created for them.  Here's a video of how to do this.

Projects in Asana aren't being created!

Please reach out to us on and we'll look into this in more detail for you.

I'm seeing a strange error request

Get in touch with us on and we'll take a look! 

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take for new projects to be created & updated in Asana?

Projects are created and updated in real-time - immediately after a Salesforce Opportunity is created or updated. Note that it may take a few minutes to fully copy the project over in Asana if you have a lot of tasks and subtasks!

Are there any limits on the maximum number of tasks the project that we're copying over can have?

Projects can have no more than 100 tasks. If this is an issue for you - let us know!

Are custom fields copied over?

Yes, complete with all of the settings and values in the template.

I'd like to only create projects for a particular Salesforce owner. Is this possible?

Yes - you can edit the workflow to set up this condition.

I'd like to only create projects when an opportunity reaches a certain stage. Is this possible?

Yes - you can edit the workflow to set up this condition.

Who will be the project owner in Asana?

By default, the Opportunity "Owner" (sales rep) will be marked as the project owner in Asana. If you have a separate user field attached to Opportunities (e.g. account manager), you can edit the workflow to mark them as the project owner instead.

Are attachments synced over to the new projects created?

Currently no. Let us know if this is important for you and we'll look to getting it added!

Is it possible to only create projects for Opportunities that were created after a certain date?

Yes - you can edit the workflow to specify the date.

Can we add a URL to the Asana project to a custom field in Salesforce?

Yes! This is a very common addition to set up. Usually we recommend creating the following fields in Salesforce:

  • Asana Project ID (number, external ID)
  • Asana Project URL (formula, shows the URL based on the ID field)

You can edit the workflow to automatically pass the project ID to the custom field in Salesforce.

Is it possible to also show Asana tasks inside Salesforce, so our reps know what's happening in Asana?

Yes! See  this template for more details.

Last updated 14th June 2017


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