Connecting Asana with Google Forms


The Google Forms integration helps teams work better together by structuring communication across different teams. It's typical for some teams (e.g. Customer Success) to work out of Asana, while other teams (e.g. Sales) will tend to work out of Salesforce. 

This integration allows teams to file requests with the team working out of Asana, ensuring that all of the detail that matters is communicated correctly. Each request will be added as a Task into a project of your choice.


  • Create a project in Asana where tasks should be created (one task will be created for each form submission)
  • Create a Google Form where form requests should be submitted
  • Link your Google Form to a spreadsheet. See video below:


To integrate Asana with Google Forms, we need to install a Tray workflow template. This template auto creates Tasks in Asana each time a Google Form is submitted.

1) Visit the Create Asana tasks from new Google Form submissions template page.

2) Click Use Template and give your new workflow a name (or leave it as the default). Then click Save.

3) Your new workflow will immediately open, and you'll see the "Configure Template" screen. Click Start Configuration.

4) You'll then see a setup guide, with a few helpful tips.

IMPORTANT: make sure you've linked your Google Form to a spreadsheet before you start configuring this template. Here's a video of how to do that. 

Once you've done the above, click Continue.

5) You'll now be in the "Configure Google" step. This is where we connect Tray up with your Google Drive account, and tell Tray where to watch for form submissions. 

Click New Authentication, and then click Next in the dialog. 

6) You'll now see Google asking for a list of permissions to provide to Tray. Click Allow to connect your Google account with Tray.

7) Now we've connected your Google account, let's choose the Google Spreadsheet where the form responses should be read from. Tip: this is the spreadsheet that you created for your form earlier.

8) Click Continue.

9) (Optional) You'll now be on an "Other Configuration" step. This is where you can detail the name of the task that've created in Asana. By default, this will pass in the value of "Column B" - which defaults to the email address of the requester.

You can leave this as it is for now. Click Continue.

10) You'll now see the "Configure Asana" step. Here you can connect your Asana account with Tray, and configure some other Asana-related options, such as your workspace.

To connect your Asana account with Tray, click  New Authentication. Once the window has opened, click Next.

11) After clicking next, you'll now see a popup window open, asking you for permission to connect your Asana account with Tray. Click Allow.

12) Next up, we'll configure a few options for the template. This includes your Asana workspace, and the project where you'd like tasks to be created. When you're done, click Continue.

13) We're done! As soon as you click Enable, we'll start checking the Google Spreadsheet for new form submissions. When new form submissions come in, tasks will be created in the project you picked.

If you're ready, click Enable, and wait until the message "Your workflow is initialising, please wait" message disappears. 

14) Let's try and test things out! Below we submit a Google Form, and as soon as it's submitted, a task will be created in Asana:

Note: you'll notice that there was a bit of a delay before the task was created in Asana. Tasks should be created within 1 minute of submission.


My fields are showing in my Asana task in the incorrect order.

Fields will be added in the order that they're specified in the Google Sheet that's linked to the form. 

If you'd like to pass fields to Asana in a different order, just re-order the fields in the Google Sheet - and fields from new submissions will be in the correct order.

Tasks aren't creating in my Asana project! 

That's odd! Reach out to us on and we'll look into this in more detail for you.  

Frequently asked questions

How do I specify which project the tasks will be created in?

When you install this template, you're provided a list of all of the projects in your Asana account. Just pick the one where you'd like the tasks to go, and that's it!

How long does it take for form submissions to be added into Asana?

New form submissions should take no more than a couple of minutes to be added as tasks in Asana.

Are there any limits on the Google form? Maximum number of questions, or multiple sections in the form layout?

No! Feel free to add as many questions and layout sections as you like - all form field answers will pass straight into Asana.

How are the form fields ordered in Asana?

Fields will be added in the order that they're specified in the Google Sheet that's linked to the form. If you'd like to pass fields to Asana in a different order, just re-order the fields in the Google Sheet - and fields from new submissions will be in the correct order.

Is it possible to also sync the form attachments into Asana?

Not out of the box in this template, although with the Tray workflow builder this is 100% possible using the Google Drive connector. Speak to us if you'd like to learn more!

Last updated 12th June 2017