Configuring your Quick Start Template

From here, it's all very simple.

Pick your Template

  1. Select the Service you wish to use.
  2. Select the appropriate Template.
  3. Click 'Use Template'.

Configure your Template

  1. Enter a Name for your template (this can be changed later from the Dashboard).
  2. Click 'Start Configuration'.
  3. Authenticate the service(s) you with to integrate with.  
  4. Name your authentication (useful if using a Sandbox and Production account in separate workflows within the same Tray account) 
  5. Make sure you check all the appropriate boxes to allow our program to access the API for your service(s).
  6. Enter your credentials when prompted.

Enable your Template

When configuration is complete, click the 'Enable' button.  Once clicked, data will start actively moving between your selected accounts.

Customize your Template

We've provided you with a solid foundation for moving data between your services of choice.  Click 'Edit Workflow (Advanced)' to customize any logic you like.  Here, you can:

  • Change how often your workflow runs.
  • View the logs for your workflow.
  • Change what information your workflow is moving between your services.
  • Add conditional logic to your flow, helping you segment the data you pass between services.
  • Perform countless other operations.

Last updated 12th April 2017