Common Workflow Configuration

Sometimes you may want to store common configuration within a workflow for use across multiple steps, such as a common error message or an email address you want to send emails to at different points in the workflow.  Workflow configuration is a way of storing this small bits of configuration that can then be used by any step using the $.config JSON Path property.

To add workflow configuration, click the CONFIGURATION tab button in the builder header, then use the ADD NEW PROPERTY button to the bottom left of the page and enter a property name when prompted.  This property name will be the name you reference when using the property later via JSON Path. You can then choose the type of property using the type dropdown.

To edit the value of a property you can either manually change the value in the input box, or in some cases such as for Array or Object types you can click the EDIT pencil icon to the right of the value input box.

Using a config property

Once you have added a config property, you can then use it by changing the type of a steps input field to JSON Path and manually referencing $.config.NAME.

Last updated 9th February 2017