5. Authenticate Your Workflow

Tray must be able access the API(s) for the service(s) you'll be working with.  We recommend you authenticate all the services you wish to use during the initial stages of configuring your flow.  This can always be done later, but will expedite workflow construction if done at the beginning.

Drag, Drop, Authenticate

 Drag your service into the workflow builder, drop it anywhere in your flow, select 'Add Authentication'.

Authentication Checkboxes

More complex applications have separate security and access settings for each of their internal components.  For the purpose of most integrations, checking all boxes here will be perfect.  Advanced users may select a sub-set of these checkboxes, but must remember that attempting to use Tray to reference a data element that resides in an area that is not authorized... is not possible. (you can always change this selection later, see: Manage Authentications)

Authentication Token

Some applications require a token to authenticate to their API, rather than a username and password.  To find this token:

  1. Navigate to the home page of the service you are using.
  2. Sometimes this is stored under Account >> API Key.
  3. If not, check Authentication >> API Key.

Manage your Authentications

  1. Exit out of the workflow builder.   This will bring you to the dashboard.
  2. Select Authentications.
  3. Navigate to the Authentication you wish to edit.

Here, you can change the name of your Authentication.  You can also change the checkboxes selected during the initial setup.  Finally, you may delete an Authentication.

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Last updated 11th May 2017