MarTech leader reviews general automation platform as a happy customer

Rapidly growing MarTech leader optimizes for growth, efficiency, and analytics across the entire organization

Integrates a variety of tools across its stack for growth, customer retention, marketing, finance, and HR

Working with is fantastic. The Tray Platform is very powerful, and it’s exactly what I need to orchestrate the automation of many important processes across my entire organization.

Business Technology Lead


  • Enables customer and growth teams by integrating and automating Salesforce product usage data to proactively prevent churn and drive upsells

  • Enables customer support team by Integrating Segment with Marketo and Slack to expedite new customer onboarding

  • Enables finance by integrating Recurly to Salesforce to instantly reflect account changes and automatically alert customers about renewal issues

  • Integrates and automates data flows from Snowflake to enable the company for rapidly storing and calling up important business data

  • Enables marketing by integrating Salesforce, Marketo, Google Sheets, and Segment to track offline events, and by integrating Snowflake data to build attribution models


  • MarTech
  • SaaS


  • USA


  • 300+


  • Tray Platform

A rapidly growing MarTech leader helps more than 100,000 companies grow their businesses by deeply and instantly connecting them with customers.

To move quickly, the MarTech leader’s teams need to keep up with continually changing marketing conditions and new challenges that spring up internally among its tech stack.

Vox Media uses to speed up new customer onboarding 20X.

MarTech leader case study


Improve efficiency and orchestration across the organization

The company’s business technology lead supports many different groups within the company, especially the company’s revenue and growth teams. Like with many rapidly-growing firms built on new technology, the MarTech leader frequently encounters technical challenges that threaten to bog the company down in operational details. These delays are why one of the business technology team’s priorities is to enable different departments across the company to close operational gaps and get more done, faster.

Among other issues, the team found itself struggling with data retrieval-related delays around its system of record, the CRM Salesforce. “Salesforce is one of our ‘anchor’ solutions,” explains the business technology lead. “Everyone uses it.” Specifically, the company saw an opportunity to utilize product usage data - which would reveal how much or how little customers were using the platform - to gauge customer engagement and drive upsells for highly engaged customers or proactively prevent churn for customers showing low engagement. However, this data was locked up in the company’s data warehouse. It wasn’t accessible to the company’s sales and success teams.

The business technology team also identified other issues across the organization, including integrating customer data with its MarTech stack to speed up the onboarding for new customers via automated emails, optimizing back-end data warehouse operations, closing billing and finance gaps to ensure timely payment processing, and using Slack to alert multiple teams about important events. They realized they needed a way to connect the disparate parts of the company’s tech stack and enable every department to skip the tedious manual work and focus on retaining and growing accounts and winning more deals.


Use the Tray Platform to integrate and automate multiple processes

It turns out the business technology lead had previously worked with, having used’s General Automation Platform to close operational gaps for many internal teams at a previous company. He realized the Tray Platform’s ability to deeply integrate any cloud-based service at the API level and automate processes across multiple apps was what the business technology team needed.

“I was familiar with the Tray Platform from my time at my previous company,” explains the business technology lead. “It’s very flexible, and you can do a lot of things with it just via drag-and-drop for normal business users. But you also have the entire server-side javascript at your disposal for technical teams. And’s customer service is always very attentive to my needs.”

Use Cases

Integrate Salesforce, Segment, Marketo, Snowflake, Recurly, Slack

The business technology team set to work building out a comprehensive set of integrations for multiple departments across the firm:

GTM Teams: The go-to-market team needed integrations and workflows to unlock product usage data from Salesforce and Segment. “We have internal metrics to measure how ‘sticky’ a customer is, and whether there’s a risk of churn or the possibility of a highly engaged customer being an influencer,” says the business technology team. With the Salesforce integration in place, those teams can now proactively identify churn risks and upsell opportunities.

Support: The business technology team also enabled customer success by integrating customer data from Segment with email sequences in Marketo to rapidly onboard new customers with first-time “welcome” and new user tips emails. In addition, the team used the Tray Platform to integrate Slack with Salesforce and set up an automated Slack alert. This alert instantly sends Slack notifications once new customers reach fully onboarded status in the CRM, and lets the customer success team know to advance that particular account into the full support cycle.

Sales: Because the MarTech leader has many Slack power users, the team also built out Slack alerts for other groups, including alerts to the sales team whenever in-pipeline prospects exhibit buyer-ready behavior, such as visiting a pricing page.

Finance: The team also used the Tray Platform to close gaps for the finance team, which uses the billing solution Recurly. For example, while the company’s own software lets users add more seats to an existing account, that change wouldn’t automatically be reflected anywhere else. The business technology team integrated the MarTech leader’s own platform with Recurly to automatically reflect changes in seats on the payment side. Also, the team also built renewal automation courtesy notifications whenever a customer’s credit card payment fails to ensure payment issues get ironed out as soon as possible.

Data operations: On the operations side, the team also built out a database integration featuring automated ETL (extract, transform, load) workflows on the Tray Platform that connected a variety of data sources with the MarTech leader’s data warehouse solution Snowflake.

Marketing: The team even built out new workflows for marketing by integrating offline campaign data from Google sheets into Salesforce to load into campaigns. They also built a SQL-based first-and-last touch attribution system using the Tray Platform that parsed previously-recorded events stored in the company’s data warehouse to record different touchpoints across the customer journey.


MarTech leader optimizes processes across the entire organization

Using the Tray Platform, the MarTech leader has integrated across the company’s tech stack, creating process improvements that automate away tedious manual work and help multiple teams focus on larger strategic goals.

“Working with is fantastic. The Tray Platform is very powerful, and it’s exactly what I need to orchestrate the automation of many important processes across my entire organization,” says the business technology lead. “The benefit of the Tray Platform is that it makes people’s lives easier. We drive so much more efficiency and optimization by taking what used to be ad hoc processes and setting them to run daily.”

Next Steps

Growth signals, HR, finance, and more

In the future, the MarTech leader plans to continue using the Tray Platform to enable more optimization and more opportunities for its growth team. The business technology team is currently in the process of building a completely Slack-based churn analysis process that places all final internal approvals within the chat application. They’re also looking to use sales-based insights from the firm’s technographics solution Datanyze to inform possible sales opportunities. While Datanyze already reveals details on a prospect’s tech stack, the team would like to build an automated process that sends alerts whenever prospects make changes in their tech stack that may make them more predisposed to become a new customer for the MarTech leader’s own product.

The business technology team is also working on building out HR and billing workflows that speed up internal processes. For instance, the team is working on flowing hiring data from the firm’s recruiting software Greenhouse into its HR platform to automate the process of transferring interviewee details to the HR team once a new hire has accepted an offer. The team is also working on implementing an integration between Salesforce and Netsuite and connecting the two with Recurly to better track the conversion of closed-won opportunities to full customer status, as well as to allow for more types of billing.

“We’re doing a lot of different things by integrating our apps and automating our processes,” says business technology leader. “There’s so much you can do with the Tray Platform, for so many use cases and so many different kinds of teams.” easy to use drag-and-drop product UI


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