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IT services leader streamlines internal training to empower employees and better service customers

Integrates data from Udemy with Docebo to increase efficiency, uncover powerful training insights, and deploy support resources more effectively

The Tray Platform has enabled us to invest more in our employees, which in turn helps them solve a diverse array of customer challenges,

Head of Learning and Development


  • Upskills employees to boost customer satisfaction and meet a diverse array of customer requests

  • Cuts course upload time by 95% to free up the learning and development team to focus on building a better employee experience

  • Uncovers powerful insights to optimize and prove ROI for training programs

  • Generates key reports that used to take weeks in seconds


  • Technology, IT services


  • Netherlands


  • 4,000+


  • Tray Platform

A global IT services leader has nearly 9,000 employees across 23 countries in Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, and Latin America. The company has thousands of subject-matter experts with hands-on experience in different tools, technologies, and processes.  

“We aim to become the preferred partner in business transformation worldwide by investing in our exceptional employees and fostering a one-of-a-kind customer experience,” says the company’s head of learning and development. “We believe that enabling and empowering our internal teams leads to happier and more-successful customers.”

With the Tray platform you can connect any web service

IT services leader case study


Consolidating courses and insights with a single platform

In the pursuit of offering unparalleled access to training programs and certifications to its employees, the learning and development team at a leading IT services company decided to invest in a new learning management system (LMS). “We wanted to expand the adoption and functionality of the learning tools we offered our employees, so we purchased Docebo, a LMS for administering courses and tracking course adoption. Soon after, we purchased Udemy, an e-learning tool with thousands of online courses and IT certification programs,” explained the Head of Learning and Development. 

The learning and development department’s strategy had two parts: First, with access to Udemy, members of the company's team would have limitless opportunities to expand their own skillsets, a benefit its team members would find extremely valuable professionally and personally. Second, by exploring more training and acquiring more certifications via Udemy, more of the company's worldwide subject matter experts would be qualified to service customer queries wherever they might pop up. Once the team logged new certifications in Docebo, it would be better able to respond promptly to customer queries with certified experts that also had the exact qualifications requested by customers with regards to criteria such as geographical location and spoken language.   

But having two different tools for managing employee training came with its own set of challenges. “We intended to have a single, central place where our employees could register for and complete any course they needed to help a customer better or just improve their professional skills. At the same time, our learning and development team wanted the ability to track key success metrics such as individual scores, course popularity, completion rate, and overall adoption.”

“But without an integration between Udemy and Docebo, our primary goals of a single training interface and better insights seemed impossible. If we could find a way to consolidate and draw insights from our training programs, we could optimize them to empower our employees and our customers even more.”    


The Tray Platform seamlessly integrates the company's learning and development programs  

After evaluating different integration platforms, the team chose the Tray Platform to consolidate their learning and development program. “What really sold us on the Tray Platform was the team that came with it,” says the Head of Learning and Development. “I can’t overstate how helpful their solutions team was in getting us started with automating our processes.”

“And as we ventured into more use cases beyond course data consolidation, the team provided the support and resources we needed to turn our ideas into reality. And critically, the Tray Platform’s visual, drag-and-drop interface helped us complete these projects without the need of our developers.” 

Use case

Integrating Docebo + Udemy 

Using a General Automation Platform (GAP), the team integrated course data and insights from Udemy into Docebo. And by passing that data into Docebo, the learning team could track program performance at a much deeper level. 

“Specifically, we synced course data from Udemy into Docebo to understand how our employees were interacting with the course catalog in Udemy. Which courses were the most popular? How did our employees rate those courses? And how many of our employees are actually enrolling in courses? We share these insights with our board of directors and use them internally to direct our learning and development initiatives.”   

“Now, we can design and optimize our programs to ensure that our employees can take control of their professional development and invest in skills that will ultimately help them solve problems for our customers more effectively.”  

But the company's team didn’t stop there. “As an IT services provider, our customers often ask us for help with specific tools or processes. We are also using the Tray Platform to pull certification data from Udemy to see which of our employees are certified in certain tools and manage support resources accordingly.”


The company empowers its employees and customers with streamlined certifications

The Head of Learning and Development says that his team is experiencing incredible efficiency gains thanks to a tightly-integrated employee training program. “We’ve cut down our course upload time 95%. And before, it would take a week for us to generate a report outlining completion and participation rates that we’d share with our board of directors. Now, that same process runs instantly.”

“Proving the ROI of our learning and development programs in real-time goes a long way to ensure our continued investment in our employee’s skills and overall customer experience.”   

Not only does the learning and development team now enjoy greater process efficiency and better data, but it’s using certification data to match the right IT technicians to the right customers. “As an IT services company, our customers have distinct needs that can only be satisfied with a certain set of skills. The certification data we collect from Udemy lets us identify, for example, a Spanish-speaking, AWS-certified engineer to work with a certain client that has those exact needs, located in Spain.” 

“The Tray Platform has enabled us to invest more in our employees, which in turn helps them solve a diverse array of customer challenges.”     

Next steps

Further empowering employees and customers with automation 

Moving forward, the team has big plans to expand the role of automation in upcoming learning and development projects. “Right now, we’re designing a fully-integrated employee onboarding experience that leverages our courses in Docebo so that new hires can start learning as soon as possible. Our goal is to create a seamless program that makes our employees feel welcome on day one, even in remote environments.” 

“In the future, we plan to roll out customer-facing training and certification programs to share some of the knowledge that our highly-experienced team can offer. We’re confident we build a seamless, integrated experience for our customers, thanks to the Tray Platform.”    

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