Leading social network paves the way for exponential HR growth by using automation to accelerate onboarding and employee account provisioning at scale

Integrates Greenhouse, BambooHR, and Paylocity with the Tray Platform to rapidly onboard and provision new hires and update existing employee records into payroll and its HR system of record

Using the Tray Platform, we not only save hours of manual work, but we’re also scaling onboarding and employee account provisioning with automation so that we can focus on the bigger picture for strategic HR initiatives such as benefits, orientations, and career development.

HR Business Partner


  • Deeply integrates employee interview solution Greenhouse to HR system of record BambooHR and payroll solution Paylocity

  • Saves 10+ hours per month of error-prone manual data entry

  • Closes the loop on flowing complex, custom data for new employee onboarding to automatically queue up new team members for payroll

  • Syncs highly customized data across HR tech stack for a variety of unique factors per employee, including title changes/promotions, address changes, and re-orgs to ensure that any updates only need to be made once

  • Prepares powerful and sophisticated automated workflow to track and deploy highly customized employee benefits, covering allowances and anniversary timeframes for programs such as personal development budgets, health insurance, and travel stipends


  • Social network


  • Worldwide


  • 500+


  • Tray Platform

One of the most popular social networks online welcomes millions of users daily to discuss anything and everything of interest in their lives. To keep pace with its enormous popularity, the company has grown its headcount dramatically, going from just nine people to 500+ and counting in just a few years.

To scale much-needed HR support for the company’s extraordinary pace of hiring, the company needed to streamline its new employee onboarding process, as well as to speed up account provisioning and updates for existing team members undergoing updates to their employee status.

The HR team’s tech stack includes the applicant tracking system (ATS) Greenhouse for storing and sharing candidate resumes, BambooHR as the team’s system of record, and Paylocity as its payroll solution. Each solution is excellent at providing individual HR value, but unfortunately, they don’t possess robust integrations that provide fast, seamless data transfer for the many, many custom fields that the company needed.

With the Tray platform you can connect any web service

HR Automation Case Study


Manual HR onboarding, provisioning, and updates

“We hire 20-30 new team members every month, and run two onboarding sessions monthly,” says the company’s HR business partner. “Previously, we were handling onboarding and account provisioning for employee updates by using manual data entry.”

“Onboarding new hires into BambooHR requires filling out 30-40 custom fields,” explains the HR team. However, BambooHR’s native API integration to Greenhouse only covered about seven fields, leaving the HR team to enter the rest manually. “This would take us 20 minutes or so per new we were looking at about 10 hours per month in manual work for this task alone.”

“We were trying to grow the company and hire at a quicker pace, but with this error-prone manual process, we couldn’t scale with our business needs. We’re opening different offices in different locations, including internationally. We needed to be able to accommodate all that growth.”

The company also faced ongoing challenges with additional updates for existing employees for change of address, job title, or team. “This was also a manual process that would, for instance, require employees to update their addresses in a bunch of different systems.”


The Tray Platform integrates the HR stack

The company’s HR team realized they needed a way to deeply integrate their HR solutions to flow employee data in a way that would avoid the hours of manual work while also ensuring a seamless transition into its HR system of record. The team started looking for potential solutions.

During its search, the HR team spoke with an integration vendor whose tool and customer service ultimately came up short. “They were OK, but at our company, we need ‘better than OK.’ We need a high level of customer service. We customize everything we do to our business, so it was important for us to find a solution that would make things work for us - not require us to change everything we do to accommodate them. We use a variety of other tools as well, so we needed someone we could work with on a variety of different projects.”

The HR team also spoke with an established iPaaS solution that showed a surprising lack of interest in engaging the company as a customer. “They made it clear on a call with us that they weren’t interested in us unless we would use their parent company’s software as well. Otherwise, we were small potatoes for them. They weren’t interested in what we wanted.”

Finally, the HR team’s search led them to, which offered both a robust General Automation Platform and extremely high-quality, responsive customer service. “We were very impressed with’s customer service. The team understood where we’re coming from and our vision, and they committed to do whatever was possible to get things to work, even in spite of the limitations of parts of our HR stack.”

“The team has always been happy to jump on a call and walk me through our processes on a screen share,” the HR business partner explains. “Since they’ve spent so much time and effort walking me through our workflows, I feel confident about being able to tweak or debug as needed. And when there are minor errors, I’ve found Error Handling to be a great new addition that lets us push through all other candidates’ data even if one candidate’s information errors out.”

Use Case

Integrating Greenhouse, BambooHR, and Paylocity

The HR team members worked with to build out automated workflows that deeply integrated their tech stack. The first use case was automating the onboarding process by integrating Greenhouse to BambooHR so that whenever a candidate accepted an offer in Greenhouse, the Tray Platform workflow would automatically route that candidate’s details into BambooHR, which acts as a central system of record for HR.

The Tray Platform automated workflow now routes all employee hiring fields from Greenhouse directly into BambooHR. As a result, the workflow seamlessly and automatically onboards new candidates as soon as they accept a job offer. The workflow also bi-directionally syncs data into Paylocity to automatically get new hires onto payroll, as well as to route cost center changes back from Paylocity to BambooHR along with employee paperwork updates such as W-4s, I-9s, and unique functionality custom to the company.

The HR team also worked with the team to build out an automated workflow that integrates BambooHR and Paylocity to ensure the company’s payroll solution automatically records, tracks, and reflects employee status changes such as changes of addresses, promotions/title changes, and re-organizations. “Updates like these used to be a manual process, and now it’s automatic. It’s another thing we don’t need to worry about.”


Time savings, seamless data transfer, and more focus on HR strategy

“Now that we’ve automated the Greenhouse-to-BambooHR onboarding process, we save about 10 hours every month. Previously, we had to schedule that time to build out those profiles, but now, we just know it’s going to get done,” explains the HR team. “On top of decreasing time spent, I think it’s helped the overall process of onboarding.”

“The Tray Platform has helped us build out more of an overall process to scale our hiring for the future. We can now get people set up two weeks in advance of their start dates, with fewer points of failure and less time spent. We have a more-accurate system of record since BambooHR is connected to everything - we send all our HR data from BambooHR to all our other apps and systems.”

Next Steps

Dynamically managing customized employee benefits at scale

Next, the HR team is building an automated workflow that passes employee data between BambooHR and its benefits platform. The company offers generous employee benefits, including gym memberships, pet care allowances, health insurance benefits such as HSA (health savings accounts) and FSA (flexible spending accounts), commuter benefits, travel stipends awarded on employee anniversary dates, and a quarterly personal development budget that lets the company’s team members invest in their professional education.

However, these benefits vary with specific calendar dates, and also across different offices. Managing activation and cutoff periods manually for hundreds of employees has been a tedious and time-consuming task. The HR team is building out a Tray Platform workflow that will automatically tally specific date windows for particular benefits and record allowances for every employee.

“Using the Tray Platform, we not only save hours of manual work, but we’re also scaling onboarding and employee account provisioning with automation so that we can focus on the bigger picture for strategic HR initiatives such as benefits, orientations, and career development.”

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