Healthcare leader automates event management workflow for outreach program

Improves efficiency, accuracy and collaboration by using the Tray Platform to integrate Google Forms with Asana

With Google Forms, Asana, and the Tray Platform, our team stays on track, communicates more efficiently and effectively, and can access historical data to help us understand how best to support an event. It’s definitely streamlined and improved our process.

Regional Director of Corporate and Community Relations


  • Automatically creates projects and tasks in Asana from event data submitted via Google Forms

  • Populates fields in Asana for the appropriate hospital from Google Forms data

  • Improves efficiency, communication and collaboration


  • Healthcare


  • North America


  • 60,000+


  • Tray Platform

A leading healthcare provider and large private employer serves more than two million people annually.

The depth and breadth of its services extend beyond its 22 hospitals, 550 outpatient facilities and nearly 15,000 affiliated physicians and into the community itself.

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Healthcare leader case study


Streamline the management of community outreach efforts     

Contributing $1 billion back to the community every year takes a great deal of work. Responsibility for coordinating, managing and reporting on that effort resides with the healthcare leader's community relations department. “We manage more than 5,000 community events and programs each year,” says a director at the firm. “And we used to do it all by hand using email.”

The community relations team set out to automate the event planning and management function, creating a centralized location for all event data, both past and present. After evaluating off-the-shelf project management tools, the firm chose Asana to manage events and tasks and improve collaboration and communication around events.

While Asana provided a centralized way to manage events, the effort to get event information into Asana was still manual. The firm decided that there had to be a way to automate getting the data on each approved event from a Google Form into Asana. “We were manually taking the data such as who was going where, who was speaking, which materials were needed, and more and entering that data into Asana. It wasn’t a very efficient way of handling it.”         


Integrate Google Forms with Asana using the Tray Platform

After searching for the right solution to the integration problem, the team found the Tray Platform, the automation platform for integrating any process and automating any event, and an Asana global strategic partner. They were impressed by both the technology and the customer service that the team delivered. “The Tray Platform is very innovative and the solution makes processes like ours truly flow automatically. It makes the business behind the business work.”      

In short order, the Tray Platform was deployed to integrate Google Forms and Asana. “It worked seamlessly on day one. The Tray Platform automates the creation of projects and tasks in Asana based on the data in Google Forms.” 

Originally, the new event management workflow was used for a smaller community team. More recently, the department became a corporate function, responsible for coordinating events for the entire organization. “When we became responsible for all events, the Tray Platform helped us incorporate enhancements to support our corporate-level efforts. Now we have 75 staff members using the solution to automate management of all our community outreach efforts across all of our facilities.”


Improved efficiency, communication and collaboration     

With its event management process automated, the community relations department and the hospitals it works with have all the event data, tasks and communications in one centralized location. “With Google Forms, Asana, and the Tray Platform, our team stays on track, communicates more efficiently and effectively, and can access historical data to help us understand how best to support an event. It has definitely streamlined and improved our process.”

With the success of the first integration under their belt, the team is looking forward to continuing to use the Tray Platform to automate workflows, including the event approval process. And the team knows that as they grow to grow, it's easy to add new hospitals to the community relations workflow. “We're happy that we found the Tray Platform. The solution works flawlessly, the customer support is great, and the continued innovation will help us automate more in years to come.”

Tray's product interface is easy to use


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