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Financial services innovator scales strategic marketing campaigns to fuel 2x payments growth

Integrates Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce CRM, and Mixpanel to execute strategic nurture and re-engagement campaigns

Now, we can do things we simply couldn’t do before. The Tray Platform is a major contributor to our recent 2x growth.

Growth Manager


  • Drives 2x MoM payment volume

  • Scales email campaign volume 60-70x to target larger enterprise accounts

  • Re-engages 40% more inactive accounts


  • Finance
  • Financial technology


  • North America


  • 150+


  • Tray Platform

An innovative financial services company helps savvy businesses save money on common business expenses by unlocking the financing they already have. What started as a small operation has grown to fill a massive need in the market with more than a million customers and billions in payments made globally.  

“In the early days, our cofounders not only developed an exceptional product, but they also built many of the internal systems that we rely on to manage communications with our customers,” says a growth manager at the company. “These systems served us well as a fledgling company, but as we’ve grown, they’ve become challenging to scale beyond infrequent ad-hoc outreach.”

With the Tray platform you can connect any web service

Customer story


Upleveling sales and marketing campaigns 

The company knew that it needed to scale its campaigns beyond the capabilities of its existing systems. “We started with a homegrown marketing automation platform (MAP) that was very closely tied with our product and maintained by our engineers. But as our product matured, we needed to expand the scale of our marketing campaigns. To do this, we would’ve needed developer resources that were increasingly tied up in other essential projects,” explained the company’s growth team. 

“This limited our capabilities significantly: A single ad-hoc email campaign could take weeks to assemble after manually compiling things like product and customer data.”

Specifically, the company’s growth team wanted to identify product usage events from its behavior analytics tool Mixpanel to create personalized re-engagement campaigns for inactive users. But without the engineering resources to build custom integrations, which are often time-consuming and require technical expertise, their hands were tied. 

“After struggling to work around the limitations of our homegrown tech stack, we decided to invest in pre-built tools that would deliver more-robust campaigns. That led to our adoption of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which helped a great deal in executing these tactics.” 

“But that still left us with a big problem: How can we tap into the disparate data from our in-house marketing platform, as well as Mixpanel, and the other tools we were using to create a cohesive customer experience?”  


The Tray Platform fuels strategic campaigns with customer and product data 

The company needed a platform that was sophisticated enough to access and manipulate data from multiple sources to inform its campaigns. First, the growth team evaluated customer data platforms (CDP) as a potential solution. The team was impressed with the ability of CDPs to collect and track data along a customer’s journey, but they also wanted a solution that could flexibly transform and pipe data from one platform to another.

“We actually heard about from a CDP we were evaluating. They showed us the innovative ways that they were using general automation to trigger campaigns informed by customer data, and that’s really what sold us.” 

“Our initial search yielded one lightweight tool that offered limited integrations and didn’t provide the flexibility we needed. Still, we wanted a platform that didn’t require technical chops to use, and simultaneously gave us complete control over our processes. The Tray Platform gave us this and more, with the ability to combine APIs with logic helpers and data routing.” 

“After choosing the Tray Platform, implementation was straightforward and hassle-free, and the team were great partners in empowering us to hit the ground running.” 

Use case

Integrating Salesforce Marketing Cloud + Mixpanel + homegrown marketing automation 

The company, armed with a General Automation Platform (GAP), could now pipe data from its internal MAP to Salesforce Marketing Cloud to execute large-scale campaigns. The growth team started by designing segmented nurture campaigns to engage customers with helpful resources throughout the customer journey. 

“We wanted to deliver targeted nurture campaigns to customers at key moments in their journey, like when a user first signs up for one of our products, or when they activate their account,” explains the growth team. “The Tray Platform allowed us to marry product events data from Mixpanel with account data from our internal MAP, and deliver those nurture tracks in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. And after we added a new customer to nurture, we could update records in our data warehouse in one fell swoop.” 

“Not only did we kickstart our email nurture, but we also used that same data to identify and re-engage customers that may have signed up for a product, but never actually completed a transaction. We then passed these customers to our sales development representative (SDR) team to deliver automated outreach and resources that promote readoption. This project helped us successfully re-engage 40% more accounts.” 

But the team didn’t stop there. Since adopting the Tray Platform, the growth team has implemented transformative automation across its funnel, including as a way to generate landing pages for businesses that want to partner with the company. If a business wants to become a partner, the growth team can feed basic information into a workflow to generate custom landing pages to promote the partnership and ultimately drive more users to the company’s platform.   

“As a company, we’ve expanded our marketing efforts to target not just individual consumers but also businesses that want to pay their bills with a credit card. This shift has required us to ‘extend’ our funnel with long-tail campaigns that you wouldn’t typically see in a B2C marketing environment,” the growth manager remarks.

“In my experience, after buying most SaaS tools, you’ll uncover some kind of downside, unnecessary feature, or something that doesn’t really work. Since adopting the Tray Platform, we’ve only experienced positive results.” 


Delivering personalized nurture and re-engagement campaigns at scale 

“With the Tray Platform, our growth team can say ‘Yes’ to more high-impact projects that directly contribute to our company’s hypergrowth. Before, it took a month to deliver a single email campaign. We’ve since increased our campaign volume to 60-70 campaigns per month.”

The growth team explains how the ability to manage and manipulate data contributed to the company’s campaign planning and strategy. “We’re able to think of our customers and their behavior in terms of a cohort over time and segment the type of experience we want to give to each group. By personalizing these experiences, we’re offering a more-cohesive customer journey to better engage our customers.” 

“Now, we can do things we simply couldn’t do before. The Tray Platform is a major contributor to our recent 2x growth in the number of payments processed on our platform.”

Next steps

Using customer data to design targeted promotions 

Looking ahead, the growth team hopes to harness the power of the Tray Platform to pair sales and marketing campaigns with customer data. “Now that we’re implementing customer data into our stack, we’re finding new ways to feed email data into our internal operations tools. This process is valuable for our customer success teams to help them determine which accounts are eligible for things like limited-time promotions and discounts, which in turn can drive new signups and help retain existing customers.” Thanks to the productivity gains from the Tray Platform, the company’s engineering team has also been able to focus its resources on strategic product initiatives instead of internal tools.

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